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Thread: Side by side 12g shotgun for this season

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    Side by side 12g shotgun for this season

    I am thinking this season of getting a side by side 12g shotgun. Can any one recommend somewhere to get good advice about this or somewhere I can get a good second hand gun. Don't want to spend a fortune or get ripped off, or end up with a gun with limited use left in it.
    N.B. Not sure if it matters but I would need something that will take bismith as I do a bit of duck flighting.
    P.S. I live in West Berkshire/ work in London
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    Wiltshire Rod and Gun Ltd are very friendly people in Swindon.
    Wiltshire Rod Gun Ltd

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    try bozard and co (they are near me), if they havent anything suitable they can have one sent to them for a check of fit and condition. mention my name and you may not get friends and family discount!!

    ps. thanks for sorting that little problem.


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    Malcom Carey, Ledbury.
    One of the old school specialising in English sbs only. Highly knowledgeable and totally honest. Has some really good stuff and at sensible prices.

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    Francis Lovell in Witney would be a good bet, Francis & Matt really know their stuff. Was in there the other day & he has a couple of AYA No 4's at pretty good prices which should do the job. A mate uses one all the time for duck & swears by it.


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    Thanks guys, will look into these contacts.

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    Ladds of Crediton had a good selection when I was in there last week. They had a lovely AYA no4 for I think 750 which is a steal for such an excellent gun. Midland Game Fair in 2 weeks would be a good place and Ladds will have a huge stand there.

    A S/H AYA would be an excellent choice and the basic model (Yeoman) are dead cheap. I have had a Yeoman ejector for 25+yrs and it is a superb gun. Bored improved and 1/4 it accounted for thousnds of pigeon and alike.


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