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Thread: Anyone had it done

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    Anyone had it done

    A few years ago I made an enquiry in regard to having Lazer eye surgery as I was sick to death of my specs steaming up whilst out stalking and I put off going having it done, basically at the time it wasnt cheap.
    Now I continually receive brochures through the post from them , there isnt a week goes by I dont receive the crap.

    I have heard tales that in some cases people have had major problems after the proceedure, and also that it dosent last indefinitely , wether thats true or not I dont know, but wearing glasses on a cold wet day stalking is a right pain in the scrote.

    The Proceedure has also come down quite a bit in price I gather and it may now be worth considering as an option to specs. I cant be doing with contact lenses either.

    As anyone on here undergone this type of proceedure and if so what is your opinion good and bad?
    Thanks in advance

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    I have heard too many bad stories like headaches, light sensitive, gritty feeling ect.

    I settled for contacts.
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    I too have the same problem but made do with glasses or contacts due to the price and risks of surgery.


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    Having read all the posts on the other thread, I have a question. I have a left master eye, but am right handed. If I have my vision corrected will it change my eye dominance? If it did, it would certainly make shotgun shooting easier.
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    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    Have a shooting friend who had both eyes done. He had to get one eye for short sight, one for long in order to correct. Didn't affect his shooting. He had no problem with "after the laser". A lot depends on the nature of your astigmatism. Some causes are easy to rectify, others less so.

    Basic options are just scarring the lens in order to change its shape to correct focus.


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    I always wonder on the budget versions if they send you a do-it-yourself book and a mirror?

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    I wear glasses, have done since I can remember. I know a few people that have had the laser surgery and recon it's the best thing they've ever done. I've been tempted but have been put off by the price and the fact they do both eyes at once, just incase they get it wrong! I have been told you need to be careful where you go, some places are better than others.

    I've settled for contact lenses, my eye sights not perfect in them but good enough that you don't really notice the difference. The new lenses are very soft and I don't even notice them in now, can wear them for twelve hours no bother.

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    one of my clients is an optician and recommends against it... your welcome to his number mate for his opinion.
    i also have a mate whom had it done and swears by it... no headaches nothing.
    this is like all surgical operations, there is good and bad reports.
    i would suggest you use a well researched and well recommended one mate...
    personally from seeing what you posted before re shootin i would save your money and buy a bigger club only kidding....


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