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Thread: BASC announces ACPO ruling on centrefires

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    Now that is very interesting how yet again it has been left wide open to the vageries of the individual cheif officer to interpret and apply

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    Now then lad's, all of you who have been hampered by this restriction in the past should now apply to get it changed. If it has come about as a result of an ACPO initiative I doubt any Chief Constable would wish to raise their head above the parapet.


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    I was lucky with Wilts, they gave me fox on both my .243 and .308, not just while Stalking.

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    I have fow currently for both 6.5x55 and 220 swift. Doe this ruling mean I can have pest control added to both or perhaps just the .22 centrefire? Look forward to your thoughts.

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    alled, I can't see why you cannot have fox / vermin /ground game added to all your rifles, just apply for it, there appears to be no restrictions imposed. If you start regulating yourself by looking for reasons not to apply you are virtually asking for conditions to be put in place. If the aim is to bring it into line with Scotland then the fox vermin rule should apply across the board. I know it does on my rifles.


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    excellant news

    This is excellant news, finally a bit of common sense has broken out. This is accepted if it has been approved by acpo. No individual chief will go against the guidance becuase it won't stand appeal.


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    JayB alrready have fox for all my rifles. I would like to add ground game to all as well, just so that I am fully covered. I will speak to my FEO and put the new guidance to him and see how I get along.

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    Maybe it's just me being sceptical and paranoid but I never trust ant of these lot they are like dinosaurs, don't like to change, when they have an inch they take a mile and go ...."whattttt...?"
    There may not be a head above the parapet, but I'll bet the odd nose pokes over
    I shall watch interested yet sceptical from afar

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    I have just tried the link and got the "Page Unobtainable" message. Can anyone advise on this as I am trying to get as much info on it as possible please?

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