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Thread: Taking Firearms moving to Germany

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    Taking Firearms moving to Germany

    I know there are a few guys on here living in Germany just wondered about how you went on with taking firearms from UK to live there,
    we may be moving there for a while as I have a business and it seems it may well be more convenient and cheaper to be based over there for a while.
    My friends tell me I can get a Jager permit as a Euro citizen for a year or so does it cover me keeping my rifle over there or is it easier to keep them officially UK FAC and use them as and when, anyone got an inkling?

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    You will require a waffenrechtiiche which is the right to hold a weapon in Germany if you are going to shoot or stalk over in Germany you'll require a waffenbesitzkarte which on receipt of a jadghschein you go to the local police for issue .

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    So I can't just get a European firearms pass and bring my UK held firearms over as and when I wish?
    Is it dificult to obtain "waffenrechtiiche" didn't know about this the local town hall said we could get a hunting permit as a Euro citizen for either a year or two years but they were quite vague about the proceedures as it is a small place and an unussual request.

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    Legal : I'm not as up to date with the current situation at this time, I lived in Germany when I went to the hunter school to get my jagdschien it was then to the local police station for the issue of a waffenbesitzkarte that allowed me to purchase a weapon etc, there's is a web site FACE european hunting information site could just point you in the general direction there's also the DJV web site translate the page with google email them .

    I'll try to get further information through some old friends the live in Germany .

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    You can take your firearms to Germany on the strength of your EFP. That will get you over the border, but the EFP is only designed to be an authority to hold firearms on a short stay. Once you are in Germany, you need to enquire at the local cop shop about a waffenbesitzkarte. IIRC, if you have a jagdschein (hunting license) then issue of the waffenbesitzkarte is automatic. In the region where I lived the jagdschein was issued through the local town clerk's office (ordnungsamt). Things may have changed a little since last time I was there, but I thing the same agencies still have responsibility for the same things.
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    Harry I was issued the Jagdschein throughout the DJV Jagdschein school after passing the tests knowing the German system quite well and how the DJV works it was only them that had the rights to issue there permits .

    The Germans being hugely traditional in there hunting things won't change that easily, the issue to the British forces may be different you would need to contact them for there standing orders appertaining to the above .

    I most certainly wouldn't take them into any European country with the chance of them being ceased and a jail sentence or a huge fine and deported .

    The European firearms pass only allows you to carry them and use them during your stay in any said country not whilst you become a short time resident with in a country .

    Look before you leap could just save you and yours a shed load of problems .

    The German hunting association
    Deutsche Jagdschutz-verband e.V DJV
    Johannesburg-Henry- strasse 26,

    Another link of interest.

    Gun and hunting permits .
    Waffen und jadgscheinangelegenheiten.
    Der Polizeiparsident in Berlin ,LKA 573
    Platz deer luftbrucke 6, 12101 Berlin tempelhof

    You'll get all the weapon information from this website there are weapon application forms etc on the site plus all the relevant information timings telephone number the ish

    I hope this helps some.
    It only took a phone call in the end

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    Re importing to Germany

    If you have a hunting invitation you can bring guns into Germany on your UK EFP this must be supported by the issue of a temporary hunting license (Auslanderjagdschein) this must be applied for by the person inviting you over to hunt you must also have proof of insurance in Germany.
    This is valid for 14 days only. They can issue this I believe up to 6 times per year.
    Otherwise you must do the German Jagdschein course and pass the exams 3 parts comprising written, verbal including gun handling test of all types used including pistols (sadly this is only done in German, US and UK forces get a reduced test in English but this is not open to civilians) & shooting, rifle & shotgun (makes DSC1 look like a walk in the park).
    I would say best to put the guns in storage for the year and borrow a gun as needed over here.
    Where will you be based in Germany?
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    Thanks guys it sounds as big a minefield as I thought

    I will have to brush up on my German big time as it is about up to Ve getz and a couple of beers me duck at the moment

    Martin we are going to be based in Wolfburg area just over the old East German border if all goes as planned, I had known that you could do the English test if you were in the forces but didn't know if there was a way round it temporarily.
    Hey ho I'll get the old learn German in an instant tape out I bought a few years ago ..

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