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Thread: How can they justify this...

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    How can they justify this...

    I have a very nice Discovery 2 Commercial with 40k on the clock and am looking to change it for a Discovery 4 Commercial... got a few dealers quoting and the best price for the spec i want is 27,000 + VAT. An awesome vehicle that can carry all i need at motorway speed all day long with a 6 speed automatic and concealed tow hitch...
    Was passing my local Mitsubishi outlet and they have a Shogun Commercial in with a 5 speed manual, tow bar like the Forth bridge and not much else... discount, NO, take it or leave it and all for 24,000 +VAT... which would you have?

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    Rhetorical question I know but if I had to choose it would have to be the Mitsubishi, lost all faith in Land rover, had quite a few Land rovers over the years and had problems with every one, been running Japanese of various makes for a few years now, more expensive to put right if something does go wrong, but I have had far fewer problems than I did with Land rover

    Just my opinion no doubt others will disagree.

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    My Discovery has had a battery, 4 headlight dip beam bulbs and a Fuel pressure sensor and a set of brake pads in 5 years... can't complain with it at all.

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    stay away from shxtsubishi ha ha had one and didnt rate it (08 plate) 3.2 gutless wonder...
    for 27k i would buy a transporter van and convert it to four wheel drive.

    i just love mine. carries every thing and is a bed when you need one...


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    I love Land Rovers, if the going gets tough there is little to beat them.

    Reliability wise though they can be a nightmare, I keep seeing a friends new (this year) Range Rover sport which appears to limp badly on its near side front. I am told it is the air suspension. It has gone wrong four times this year I am afraid to ask how much he paid for it.

    Still, if I won the lottery I would have a Defender built for me, galv chassis etc. But I know too many people who have "turned" japanese because of poor the reliability of the Solihull wonders.

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    VW transporter comes in 4x4, as the fourmotion, my mate has one and swears by it. I've sat in on long runs and it's comfy as well as economical and tons of space.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambislayer View Post
    VW transporter comes in 4x4, as the fourmotion, my mate has one and swears by it. I've sat in on long runs and it's comfy as well as economical and tons of space.
    27k for it ..... oh i wish i had the money..

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    Oh I wish I had the money.....

    Embrace Islam, have many wives and enjoy a multi income household.


    Oh, and you can have many guns and shoot..........


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    Id probably keep the Discovery that you currently have, seems like you have a good one.

    We had a Discovery 3 and it was a very good car generally

    Other than that look at a Landcruiser as well (deep down i prefer landrovers)


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    Land rover Hi - Cap, one bulb & six wiper blades in four years....................& all the mot's consecutive dates, says it all really. Disco before that something similar, two LWB'S before that, one track rod end & a leaky front hub..
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