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Thread: Wpund photographs

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    Wpund photographs

    Now then lets get this sorted, what's the consensus of opinion here, do we or do we not display photographs of the effects of different bullets on our prey? Do we only show shots where the beast merely looks as if it is asleep or do we do the skinned out injuries received bit. I don't care I can just as easily describe the wound and bullet used etc, or show the photo. I don't really care but in the interest of coming to a decision I have opted for just a show or no show, no time for fence sitters, decision time. Each to his own just be sure to read all the arguments for and against.

    I have set this poll to run for 7 days and I would suggest that we as a site membership abide by the decision reached by that time. What do you all think, what about you Rob?


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    good idea John.

    perhaps if we decide to show these images we should post links and descriptions of the images, rather than images themselves, so that viewers get a choice to view or not, rather than stumbling on the images by accident.


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    Post links to your photo hosting page but not the pic on here.

    Disease and parasites are different and are educational.

    Just my opinion.

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    Have to agree with 300wsm on this. I dont think gaping bloody holes in deer are what joe public needs to see if they stumble across this site. After all we all know what any calibre will do from 243 upwards if it hits a deer in the wrong place or bone without taking photos. Just my opinion.

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    It would be good if the site could be filtered so only members can see photographs!! Don't know if this is possable though....?

    Over to you computer boffins.....

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    I dont see a problem, these pics are of what we do when we shoot animals with large calibres, we are shooting them not giving a lethal injection after all and the pics and story go hand in hand... IMHO

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    I feel there are so many variables that when a beast is shot the resultant wound will be anything from a neat in/out to a neat in and half a chest and shoulder missing, so is there any point in the photo? I do try not to upset or offend non shooters, and this is quite shocking material to some eyes. Most if not all the guys here are quite capable of describing the effect without the need for graphics.
    Yet again just my humble opinion.

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    My view is that even if you restrict access to the photos, any anti wanting to see them simply has simply to register as a forum member.

    As others have indicated, we all know the effect of a high powered calibre bullet on a deer, so, showing photos does not really help anyone.

    Just my opinion.


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    As has been said, each wound is unique to that stalk/animal/bullet/load etc etc, so I don't think there is much to be learnt from the photos IMO.

    That said I do find it sad that we have to have this discussion but that is the world we live in and it ain't about to change either. The antis will find something to beat us with so why even take the risk of giving them another opportunity. I do agree with 300wsm on the diseases bit, apart from liver fluke, I've only ever seen the photos in the DSC manual.

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    I honestly don't think that there is much to learn from such photos - as others have said, different calibres/loads etc produce different results. And who would decide what has instructional value against what is purely gratuitous? On a site available to the general public there's too much risk of offence, misinterpretation - you name it.

    Diseases, parasites etc - yes, obvious value.

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