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    My CZ Trigger dont feel to good and if i try and feed a full magazine in the action ( THREE ROUNDS ) the first round gets jammed any ideas i heard there is a trigger kit for them any one know were i can get it. please.
    Model CZ EBONEY 527 .223

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    There is a great gunsmith up your way in Eaglesham who will have it sorted in jig time. The triggers can be polished up and lightened but how that affects the top round jamming i dont know. sound more of a magazine or floorplate issue to me.

    PM me and I will get his number for you.

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    + 1 On the gunsith's mate, quite a nice chap,will do anything he can to help you out

    ATB. Uncle Buck.

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    Sorry Uncle buck you missed the point there is a kit for the CZ but i dont know if one is done for the Model i have with regards the Gunsmith he will be putting the thing together for me with regards the feeding of the round i was asking as some one else might have had the same problem.

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    Maybe you should stop trying to put 6.5x55 ammo in it.

    Or Rimfire magic does a kit for the 527:

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    Thats it sent away to get fixed full work over.

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