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    Hello all , after reading some topics on here and the replies to threads there are definitely a few mincers on here.

    my problem --i have broken 3 mincers in last 4 yrs these are the 40-60 type off the old
    E bay they just dont to be able to do the job i am not over tough with them but they just dont seem to handle the job , the plastic gears just go

    i have looked at the heavier duty/butchers mincers but these cost too much ,i was going to get one from argos (70)and get a 3 yr warranty with it and when it breaks down just get them to relpace.

    are there any semi heavy duty ones that are any good or any all you mincing stalkers could recomend


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    Do you chill the venison before mincing?? I have a heavy duty and it forces fresh venison through the plate with a squelch, but semi frozen comes through a treat...


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    I use an Anthony Worral Thompson (70 ish quid)mincer and it does ok but I will be upgrading to something a little more superior. To get a proper fool proof one, you need to pay 3 to 400 quid for a second hand butchers mincer.

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    I though we were back to the St Huberts discussion............................

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    I have given up on small powered mincers and gone back to a hand powered one, nut it's a biggie #22 (most domestic electrics are a #5 or at best #8). I often buy a whole pig and the last one involved mincing 47lb of pork for making sausages and salami, my mincer coped no problem, so unless you're doing a whole big deer every week, IMO you're better off getting a BIG hand mincer (mine was about 45 of 'tinternet). Another advantage of the big one is that the hopper is big enough to get your hand in (not recommended) so you don't have to spend ages cutting the meat into strips just to fit it in.

    The picture shows the beast, with a standard 1lb honey jar fir scale, note a mincer this size is bolted down rather than clamped
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    I use a Kenwood chef with mincer attachment
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Si View Post
    I use a Kenwood chef with mincer attachment
    So do i just didn't want to be the first to own up to it,does sausages too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Si View Post
    I use a Kenwood chef with mincer attachment
    I have one of those too, fine for doing a pound or two, too noisy and slow for a lot of mincing. If I want a pound of snorkers sharpish, I'll use the Kenwood, if I'm processing an animal, out comes the beast, and my Westfalia 40 quid special "sausage cannon", does everything required of it, at a fraction of the price of most fillers, I also have my butchering table, made of a 4ft length of Ikea beech worktop (40) clamped in my B&D Workmate, a couple of SS "S" hooks, a few knives and my butchering/processing setup came to about 150 tops

    One of the best bits with the Kenwood attachment is the "kebbe" maker, you end up with something like an inside out sausage, ie a tube of meat that you fill with stuff, great done with venison & fat bacon for the "tube" and mushroom filling
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    I use my friends kenwood pro1200 cracking piece of kit! does 2kg a minute no problem robustly made! I think it was around the 150 mark. It does sausages to.

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    i have one from bushwear ,250 pounds well worth the money in the long run ..

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