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Thread: Love the sticks but OMG the packaging

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    Love the sticks but OMG the packaging

    My eagerly awaited sticks arrived today and I cam home to a "parcel left in garage" slip

    Go to garage and my heart sank as I took one look at the massive box and thought they had screwed up the delivery

    But no its in my name so I open the box and....

    20180212_142318 by markchase8, on Flickr

    what a waste

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    I guess you can only hope they dont require that level of protection when deployed in the field!

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    its because companies have to pay to get rid of their rubbish so most companies us every opportunity to get rid of it by using it to post things out to customers.blame the economy etc

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    You won't regret that purchase great sticks particularly in the woods.

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    Ahh, it seems you've grasped the wrong end of the stick(s) as it were. You see what you have actually there is a free lightweight portable cardboard hide that can be coloured as you please and will accommodate up to 4 stalkers. I've no idea what that tripod thingy is though.

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    err they have sent a free chiller as well - the refridge unit is on its way.....

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    I was once sent a Nokia 2610 in a box not much smaller than that - actually it was four boxes, like a matryoshka doll.

    Your sticks will have been put in that box due to length & standardised boxes - cheaper than the time taken for a zero hours minion to hunt up a better fit.

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    At least your complaint is not connected to damaged goods due to lack of packaging / poor handling.
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    Great sticks, didn't realise they dropped right down by turning the bottom plastic thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by liongeorge View Post
    You won't regret that purchase great sticks particularly in the woods.
    +1 great bit of kit, once you get used to them.


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