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Thread: Night Vision - What's good around 250

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    Night Vision - What's good around 250

    Hi All,

    Looking at getting some Night Vision to help with a bit of foxing and some PIG shooting with West 1 later this year. Apart from an Army issue bit of kit I had around 20 years ago.. Ive not seen or used any since.

    I've taken a look around and there seems quite alot of kit at the cheaper end of the market.. say 250

    Bushnell kit seems ok from the internet but I have no idea.

    Looking for any advice you can provide to save me making a mistake and wasting my money.



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    If it's just monoculars for spotting some are OK at that price and I have a bushnell but nv rifle scopes aren't really going to do you any favours until you pay 1000's like Starlight Archer or a Kite. Archer is an add on monocular that locates onto fittings you put on your scope so a day rifle becomes NV equipped in moments. Kite is a proper scope. There's archer footage on youtube that's amazing.

    I spent 500 on a nv scope not to long ago and it was a hassle to aquire a clear target to shoot at. Certainly not nearly as effective as a filtered lamp and the scope went straight onto ebay.
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    I use a Yukon Ranger digital NV monocular (with an added IR laser) to spot when doing my bit foxing/rabitting. I still use a lamp for the shot, though.

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    I've got ATN nvrs airies( I think ) it's the cheapest they make, I use it for ratting, not much use over 35 yards even with IR illuminator, i'ts generation 1, for distance you need gen 3, but they're big bucks, 2-3000 for a decent one.

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    You really need to spend 4 figure sum to get decent NV that you can clearly see target at normal foxing distances (circa 80 - 250 yds)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redmist View Post
    You really need to spend 4 figure sum to get decent NV that you can clearly see target at normal foxing distances (circa 80 - 250 yds)
    Any NV scope 250 or under will be gen 1 or digital equivilent and unless you invest in an additional infra red illuminator you will be lucky to see rabbits at 50 and charlie at 80. I've used military and high end civilian kit, all worth 4000 plus, but you could spot charlie at 250-300 yds. I've got a Little deben gen 2+ monocular at moment, fits in my pocket and good to about 200yds, but still cost 1500.


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    I also got ATN nvrs airies, rather nice, if you install green laser on your gun additional, even better.
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    If you are looking for a rifle mounted scope then it will cost a lot more than 250 as already stated. If you just want to spot things, then it could cost a lot less. What lets most of the cheaper stuff down though is not the image intensifying side. It's the illumination! My friend at work bought one of the LIDL ones for about 80, and for the money it was not too bad really. The IR illuminator was very low powered and in a very narrow beam. Probably used most of the battery power too. However, we then looked through it whilst illuminating the same area with a seperate searchlight fitted with a 'Black light' IR filter.
    WOW! What a difference!
    So you could get a cheaper one and use it with an IR torch.
    Here's one fitted with a weaver mount:
    Or, you could spend 250 on carrots!
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