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Thread: They got her... well done the Bosnian Polis.

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    They got her... well done the Bosnian Polis.

    Removed by me..
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    I looked at this without realising the content. As soon as I did I switched it off. I really cannot see what the point is in having this displayed on this web site.

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    Removed by me..
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    Mods, please remove the link. For Gods sake Red-Dot, my young lad visits this site and things like this would really upset him. And before you say it, he can shoot and gralloch roe deer, with guidance, without being upset.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Because half the world is debating it.... Do you live in a Cotton wool world? This is a stalking and hunting forum and if you can't stomach a very topical subject how can you stomach a deer stalk through to the larder?
    I have shot, gralloched and lardered hundreds of dear. Shot and killed hundreds of foxes including their cubs. Thousands of (collectively) rabbits, pigeons pheasants and so on. When the time comes, I even put my own dogs to sleep.

    Away from shooting, attended Locherbie when the plane came down. Spent 26 years attending sudden deaths, cot deaths, suicides, stabbings, rapes, fatal road accidents. You really want me to go on, I could????? I don't know, but perhaps this answers your question about stomaching a deer stalk to the larder?

    Deako has hit the nail absolutely on the head. You applied no warning for a video link that anyone could have looked at. This is not a censored or age restrictive site.

    I questioned why this was placed on this web site. It has no relevance to stalking or associated sport. Please feel free to respond. I cannot wait.

    Admin, don't remove the thread quite yet. Lets hear what red dot has to say about his reasons for posting. After all half the world is debating this topic.
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    I used to regularly visit and contribute to the guntrader forum. That however has descended into complete ***** and sensationalist crap. It serves now as the soap box for a few narrow minded loudmouths who'd rather piss and whine about the chips on their shoulders than actually discuss shooting.

    It started with a few well meaning posts but soon got out of control. I appreciate the sentiments, but i'd rather this was pulled too.

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    RED DOT, Wasnt half the world debating when all of the horrific decapitations were going on??

    You saying links to that should be on here aswell..

    We can all dig up horrific links all day long..

    Just plain sick and would rather it wasnt on here...

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    I have removed the offending link unwanted and unwelcome, no more of this type of rubbish please.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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