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    first aid

    hello all
    just wondering if any one knows about first aid courses designed with the shooting commuinity in mind, though i read some where that there was a course but cant rember where,if so what dose it involve and where and who runs it,
    many thanks gerald

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    As a minimum standard to work from, you would do well to attend a TWO day course with either the St John's ambulance people, or a H.S.E. recognised workplace course with regard to heavy industry, aside from the usual stuff like scope eye, there will be a limited amount, (although any help will be valuable) that you could do for an individual who has suffered a gunshot wound. I have an advanced first aid qualification from the Royal Yachting Assosciation, designed for those who are many hours from medically qualified help, this was taken up in conjunction with an offshore survival course run at Blackpool & The Fylde college.
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    Hi Gerald,
    I did a first aid course chicherster collage about 3 years ago it was designed for the shooting, it coverd basic first aid and shooting injuries, there was a mix of shooting instructors/loaders and stalkers, cant remember if it was one or two day course, I think they are still running courses.

    regards Anthony

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    As the owner of a Rifle range and professional stalker myself and a colleague recently attended a LANTRA emergency first aid course. This is run by a qualified paramedic who trains the boys from Hereford, not by St Johns Ambulance, they are not paramedics, fine for dealing with a paper cut or slightly worse but ask the paramedics their opinion! As a result the guy spent the whole day dealing with gunshot wounds/trauma which was an eye opener I can tell you. As a further result the two "first aid kits" we carry were disposed of and a significant investment made in medical/special forces issue medi-pacs containing tourniquets, Israeli bandages and clotting agents amongst a few other goodies - we can also deal with paper cuts! Interestingly at a recent country show we attended, a guy managed to slip and cut himself very severely with a knife leaving a gaping 6 inch wound, one of the SJA bods visibly blanched whilst the other immediately flapped and started putting small gauze pads on which started to float off! I asked the gentleman who was totally calm if he would mind if I assisted (he didn't) at which point I walked to my truck 20 yards away got the kit, applied a tension bandage, got him a cup of tea and then drove him to the local hospital 3 miles away where the nurses admired my handy work and wanted to know how come I had fancy medical stuff!! (very worrying). I returned to the show to be confronted by the SJA duo who told me how irresponsibly I had acted, I asked them to show me some evidence of medical qualifications and then told them to piss off. Contact LANTRA and do it right.

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    Just found this hope it helps, may have do this one myself as my three years are up.


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    Quote Originally Posted by cookingfat View Post
    Just found this hope it helps, may have do this one myself as my three years are up.


    Does anyone know of similar courses to the one above being run in the North West England

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    Hi stu, might be worth you trying your local collage most off them are lantra run.
    Regards tony.

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    I wish the guide I hunted Chamois with in Austria had done a first aid course. He cut himself while butchering the carcase and had to be helicopter to hospital for a blood transfusion!!

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