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Thread: lumps in a young roe buck

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    lumps in a young roe buck

    Last week I shot a yearling, now when my mate skined it there was about 20 cysts between the skin and flesh?? He took a photo with his phone and txt it to me, I was stumped!! All I could think of was warble which hadnt surfaced and got "cocooned". Today he took his dog down to the vet for its anti flea/tick top up. he described it to the vet and also told her how light coloured the lungs were and showed her the photo on his phone!! Her reply was a form of cancer!!! I cant remember exactly the type of cancer as he couldnt quite remember aswell. This is the 1st Ive heard of a deer with cancer. Has anybody else ever seen this??


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    Here are photos of 2 held up on the point of a buck knife!!!


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