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Thread: Howa's are ****....

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    Howa's are ****....

    I have just treated myself to a scope, it's a Smidt & Bender 8 x 56 and I put it on my Howa .308.

    I also reloaded a new round using the same ingredients as before but just beefed it up from 43.2 grains to 44 grains, the rifle loves this load and the results speak for them selves.

    Now when I got this scope I decided to get some new mounts too, I went into a gun shop near Scarborough and told him that I thought that I would need medium mounts for the rifle due to the size of the S&B, he asked what rifle it was for and I told him that it was for my Howa .308, to which he went on to tell me that Howas were sh*t and he wouldn't sell them because they only gave 4 minutes of angle! What a load of sh*t. I won't use this shop again, every time I have been in there (3 times) he has wound me up! Anyway Howa's are sh*t as the photo will prove! *lol*

    3 shots at 100 yards in an open field.

    If I had a custom rifle I would be very happy with that group, and this from a inexpensive rifle, well I think that thats more than good enough.

    PS, the shot that you can see at the bottom right was from during the initial sighting up. (honest Guv!)

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    they are to

    hello there i got one in 243,the other day i was out playing with some reloads,took three shots and could not make out where the second two whent from hundred yards was`nt till i walked to the target i could see they were all in the same hole,more or less.very surprized myself.could`nt do it gen tho.but the gun can do yep they are s%$.happy with mine.

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    Hmm, sounds to me like your dealer knows jacksh*t! Nice grouping - you can't ask for more than that from a stalking rifle.

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    Really does suprise me the number of gunshops you go into and the guy behind the counter is as green as grass and talk absolute c**p.The annoying thing is in one particular shop i go into is you here the same guy talking the same c**p every time you go in there to different people.Just puts me of using the shop.Generally you would hope to get some unbiased advice from a gun deale but there are very few i would ask anything

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    Obviously they have better profit margins on their preferred rifles.

    Nice shooting BTW .

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    What an a$$. I'd avoid that shop like the plague and crucify him on every web site I could find. Guys like that need a serious "attitude adjustment" ,as we call it here. You might want to walk into his shop, throw down a copy of the target, and tell him you bought the rings elsewhere -from a dealer with more experience in firearms.~Muir

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    Thats about as good as it gets, out of interest did you bed the rifle in when new!


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    I'm still waitng for signs of "stretching" from my Howa,.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Howas are well made rifles, especially for the price.
    The most accurate rifle I had was a Howa with it's factory barrel.
    Most new rifles shoot quite well. If not, then it's either down
    to a hard trigger, bad stock or a bad fitting stock. Very seldom a dud rifle.
    Maybe a dud shooter??
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    Hey guys don't knock the assistants behind the counters in gun shops. Some of the best cheap entertainment I have ever had has been earwigging on "advise" given out by some of these chaps to customers.

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