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Thread: my new blinged .22lr

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    my new blinged .22lr

    well guys
    i was bored and offshore and found this guy Paul Day & his website[/url]
    i assumed i couldnt get a left hand stock for my cz452 .22lr
    but i emailed the guy out of curiousity and low n behold he had a stock ready that ccustomer had fallen thru on.......normally his stuff is 12 to 16 weeks waiting i was told......sod that i want now! hehehehehe
    anyhoooo....only thing wa its a benchresr styled kinda thing...mmmmmmmmmmm
    dunnoe....ach well i went for it

    put the stock into the action today and WOW!!!!!!!
    also it just "feels" so right and comfortable
    went to check my zero and my groups improved no end!!!!!!!!!
    wife wanted a shot.....BUGGER ME........same bloody hole for the whole mag!!!!
    always was a better shot ....biatch!!!
    anyway heres the pjotos that he send me whilst he was finishing off the stock with oil etc......ots someone elses rifle in the stock but will give you an idea
    Paul Day was a great bloke to deal with and would use again


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    Very nice mate and it's left handed .

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    Looks good, its amazing how a stock improves the grip and trigger pull and target hits

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