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Thread: Quality wildfowling on the North Norfolk coast

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    Quality wildfowling on the North Norfolk coast

    Morning flight for pinkfoot geese as my guest on the legendary North Norfolk coast , followed by a cracking breakfast to set you up for the day
    Possibly a tide flight tide times permitting , followed by night flight for flighted duck or moonflight for geese if we have the right conditions.
    All nontoxic shells /meals provided ,
    Could be made into a 2 day if schedule to intense.

    In exchange for cwd, muntjack or a sika stalk . DF

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    give me a call later on in the year ie november moon me and my son would be interested as well as your list red and roe in scotland availiable with us we have shot wells and brancaster over the years but have no contact any more cheers MUDDY or 222 cwd on this sight

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    Thanks Muddy i never listed Red's and Roe, as i have access to these on my bit at home.

    The cwd sound's good if there's chance, i will pm you to discuss for november moon.

    If anyone else would like to do an exchange please contact me. Thanks Df

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    You are very welcome to come down to me for a day and try for a munty
    just give us a bell and we'll try and sort some dates out

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    Thanks Rich, Appreciate that will be in touch to sort dates . df

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    If you fancy trying for a Munty in north Herts, let me know. Neil

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    Fancy a little wild boar hunting in Germany?

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    Thanks for the replies and offers gents

    Geese have been slow to arrive in numbers on the north norfolk coast this season for some reason, but you are welcome to have a go when the numbers are up usually over 100,000 in the North Norfolk area

    I am allowed to take 5 guests per season wildfowling provided they are shotgun cert holders and insured ie basc /ca/ or other.

    So if you are interested pm me for my number to arrange plus the Boar shooting sounds great idea martin . Df
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    Looking for Geese Shooting in Jan 2011.


    i am very interested in geese, and could anyone please contact me if you have any dates avil in Jan 2011... I am looking for a 2gun day for me and my brother... please contact me if possible on 07985740721

    many thanks


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    I have a few days for nxt season on the North Norfolk coast it turned out to be a great success , had a few site members out for swaps i think they all enjoyed it and all shot a few geese.

    I shot my first munty through it had a few days stalking and enjoyed a cracking days game shooting .

    Met some great people made new friends, and visited places that normally would have been out of my reach

    I just ran out of time to fit every one in who contacted me, so if they still want to go they will get first shout .

    I also have some inland pinkfoot/ greylag goose flighting early season, and a couple of new duck pond's in yorkshire if anyone prefers that to coastal wildfowling. DF

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