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Thread: Firearms Siezure

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    Firearms Siezure

    I am a law abiding, taxpaying citizen that has never been in any trouble with the Police. However treatment I have had at the hands of Northumbrian Police in the last few days I can only describe as shocking.
    A year ago when I lived in North Yorkshire my Wife suffered a mental break, attempented suicide. She was sectioned under the mental health act. Whilst she was in hospital I moved to Northumberland to make a new start. I transferred my FOC to my new address and during my security inspection explain to the Officer my Wife’s situation and that she would be coming home at some stage. I reassured her on the security of the security of my gun cabinet and that was fine. That was in Jan of this year.
    In May my Wife returned home and was fine for a few months until she was readmitted hospital. She was released again last week and that is when the trouble started. On Friday two armed Police officers accompanied by two CID officers at no warning conducted what I can only describe as a ‘raid’ on my home. They seized all my guns but left my bolts, ammunition and FOC with me.
    To be fair the armed officers were polite and most importantly treated my expensive guns with great care and respect. But the male CID officer was rude and aggressive. When I finally got rid of them my children were in tears, my wife inconsolable and the neighbors all out on the street watching what was going on.
    As they left they gave me a letter. This stated that my FOC had been revoked and I had to surrender it, all my guns, moderates and ammunition. So I am now in procession of a quality of ammunition illegally!!
    I rang both the BDS and BASC for advice. Faxing them the letter and they gave me some initial advice but wanting to take time to consider matters.
    I then rang Tina Watson Head of Firearms Licensing. The only options she gave me was to have the guns stored at a fellow FOC holder address or appeal to the court. As I explained to her I have just moved to the area and have no friends or family within 100mile. She refused to listen and kept saying she had no interest in what the BASC had to say the Chief of Police was always right. She was not interested in the distress she had caused my family and to be honest spoke to me like I was a criminal and was rude. She also refused to give me any details about what information she had on my wife’s condition or how she got it. So I could nt argue that my wife is now completely stable.
    My next step was to complain to Northumbrian Police not only about their heavy handed attitude and unprofessional attitude of their Officers. I did this by e mail and to be fair within a few hours I was contacted by an Insp Neil Frazer from Bellington. He explained that he was a shooter himself. But there was nothing he was able/willing to do about what had happened. Unofficially he told me the only hope I had of getting my guns back at home was to get rid of my Wife. He also was unwilling to discuss the behavior of the two Officers I was complaining about.
    My next step tomorrow is to try and contact The Chief Constable, I know Nothumbrian Police have just had this Roel Moat issue to deal with. But I have been treated like a Criminal. I am worried about speaking to the Licenecing Office further in case they use that against me. I am also using the Freedom of information act to get hold for the information on file. And trying to get a letter off my Wife’s Doctor saying she is now safe. However I think it is him that as written to the FAO telling them of my Wife’s release.
    I understand the Police have a job to do but it is their heavy handed, rude and unprofessional attitude I am more upset about. If they would have phoned me giving 48 hours notice to remove the guns from my house. I would unhappy but understanding. I now feel like a no better than a criminal.

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    If God forbid I was in your shoes, My first action would be to contact my MP for a personal meeting, along with a meeting with my solicitor with a view to engaging a Barrister.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    you need legal aid and quickly. i dont think BASC can help with this situation. i am sure there was a specialist solictor advertising Firearms related services in the back of the shooting comics.

    I have had more than my fair share of dealings with the police / cid etc and i know exactly what you are going through in regards to thier attitude / mannors and treatment of the innocent, i found complaining to be of know use at all.

    good luck with this issue. i hope things work out for you.


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    From further reading your post, If all is as you state, 1. you were left in possession of ammunition, 2. firearms parts, (bolts), & 3. moderators, (classed as firearms themselves)..........., your F.A.C. should have been surrendered on site to the senior officer, & the most glaring item in the post is the lack of help from shooting orgs, then you have a civilian police authority employee giving you the option to "store your arms with another F.A.C. holder", this was a non starter as the arms would not appear on their F.A.C.!.... You should keep all hard copies of any contact you have with them, try to make a genuine record of any verbal exchanges you have, & I would certainly make enquiries as to how any medical info migrated from the doctor's surgery, if that was the case.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My immediate thought is that you need to engage the services of a good solicitor specialising in firearms matters. Secondly keep every communication with the police on a strictly formal written basis - don't accept any 'off the record' advice from them. Did they have a warrant to enter your house and seize your firearms? Follow up on your official complaint to the police and start demanding some action from them. Get your MP involved. Best of luck.

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    Horrendously upsetting, heavyhanded, intrusion for honest folk to endure. You have my deepest sympathies. I don't know you or your circumstances, but I take it as a very healthy sign that you came on here for support. And, I'm pleased you are getting it and sound advice too. I have some knowledge of these sorts of things and I fear you may have to prepare for a long haul. Try to get past the first shock and deal with matters carefully, with a cool head and be patient. Good luck~Tom

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    unreal!!! dont allow this to happen,basc would be my first call.they have some top people for thi work and you should insist they help. you have done nothing wrong and been treated with the other replies get legal advice,again basc have top people that know firearms law inside out.good luck with this,i wish you well keep us updated if you dont mind.

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    You describe a frightful follow-up to what must have been massively stressful months of your wife's serious mental illness, and you have my sympathy on both counts.

    I'm afraid I've not idea of what happens when a certificate is revoked, but the most important general advice (already given, but worth emphasising) is to keep careful contemporaneous dispassionately-written notes of all dealings and the content of discussions you've had with police, FEOs and so on during and after the seizure.

    Have a look at 10.53 onwards in the Home Office Guidance.

    It would be worth rediscussing with BASC and seeing what they suggest re. getting formal legal advice and what best to do with the bolts and ammunition which the police seem to have left you unlawfully possessing.

    If this has arisen because of your wife's recent mental illness, do the police for some reason believe that she might be in a position to open your cabinet/s?

    In any case, this sounds a most distressing occurrence.

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    As an ex copper i know that there are gooduns as well as baduns. And it's refreshing to see that you got some who were decent. Sorry you got the sh*te as well

    Police Complaints Commission is where you want to go if you're getting no joy from the Force themselves as they are independent

    Good luck mate and I hope it goes ok, both for your wife and guns because this is the last thing you need at this time. If there is anything I can do to help just pm me



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    May I suggest you contact Adrian Dagger who is a specialist firearms solicitor. Sorry he is in Crawley Sussex but he is good at what he does.

    Fax 01293-403390
    Mobile 07711-628481

    Hope that helps. Oh This is the new training..

    The Police do not and cannot make mistakes or be wrong in any way.

    I just got his number out of the HBSA report quarterly magazine.

    Oh yes and they really believe that too. The head of Lincolnshire Firearms Licensing stood in our front room and said :-

    We don't make mistakes.

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