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Thread: Where are all the bucks?

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    Where are all the bucks?

    I am spending the weekend on my girlfriend's farm on the East Sussex/Kent border and went out for a stalk last night. There is no shortage of deer but the only problem was that they were nearly all does, thus my question. I saw at least 20 deer last night but the only buck was a youngster from this year and he looked too cute to shoot! The neighbour's keepers will be pleased though as I did shoot a big dog fox.....

    I know that in Scotland some estates are referred to as being hind or stag forests can that happen with fallow? Whilst I realise that fallow can and do move large distances but these are certainly resident as I am the only person who shoots on the farm and they are only ever disturbed by me. Clearly bucks must be about as there are young but do they drop in during the rut and move away??

    I look forward to hearing some views.



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    Patrick the bucks are "rutted out" and bulking up now.
    We shot a 6 pointer this morning on "unicorn" farm and I saw an antlered doe and caught it on video at 40m's NO MISTAKE.(maybe a pattern forming there eh)??
    Just posting on you tube link to follow.
    regards John.

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    I wasn't looking for or expecting to see any roe as there are next to none around here, in fact I've only ever seen one buck and a doe and follower. I was after fallow as the place is alive with them, just not bucks!!

    I am glad you managed to get something else off that farm. Interestingly I was looking at the video footage you have of that buck and he has a different antler to the one one my wall. Makes me think that there might have been more than one?? You probably ought to have shot the doe...??!! I look forward to your next crop of videos as it has been a rather long time...



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    Sorry Patrick half asleep as usual.(usually am at this time of day).

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