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Thread: hannovarian/bavarian dog for sale!!

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    hannovarian/bavarian dog for sale!!

    hello all,i know i have listed this in general but i must try to reach everyone to try to rehome my dog!!
    it is with regret after my marriage has broke down that i must re-home my much loved dog 'alfie'
    he is a hannovarian x bavarian and is a lovely dog, great with children and due to problems i have not yet started him on blood tracking but he is now 7 months old and keen to learn!!
    he is fully vaccinated, wormed and micro-chipped and although a good loving preferably working home is priority i will be asking 500 for him.
    it is very sad for me to have to find him a new home but his welfare is my only concern, i cannot take him with me!!

    here he is...............

    he is a lovely dog as you can see!!
    anyone interested please pm me for more details and hopefully i can find him the right home soon.


    simon (duggers)

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    hello all,
    thankyou to everyone for your kind words and support, i am pleased to say i have found alfie a superb new home with one of the sites regular members.
    he will be doing what he is best at and working with deer!!
    this pleases me a lot and i know he will have a great life with this person,

    thanks again!!



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    Sorry to hear your bad news Duggers.
    If its not too cheaky who has alfie now?



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    I keep meaning to send you pics of Gabi Mark!

    Hope Lola is well


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