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Thread: A BT from the past.

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    A BT from the past.

    When i picked up my 30.06 in jan this year i also got a box of 100 165gn nosler bt no39584 which i've found to be excellent peformers on the roe i shoot,anyway coming to the end of those i bought some from another dealer,looked to be the same bullet but the number now changed 30165.Compared one of the old ones to the new ones and straight away noticed they are different lengths old ones 1.274 new ones 1.307,thought i'd better reset my seating depths as ogive looked totally different and just of the lands have an OAL of 3.390 now as oposed to 3.330 on the older ones.Tested some yesrterday with a few of my old ones i had left and POI is exactley the same for both so no probs there but got to thinking are these going to have the same terminal performance as the older ones i hope so as i just bought 250 of them,any one throw any light on it better,worse or the same i'm guessing the original box i picked up was old as the hills.

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    Looks like Nosler have rationalised their product listing - all the BT hunting bullets have codes that relate to the calibre (first 2 digits) followed by weight in gr. Are they all green tips?

    Thanks for the heads up about about possible changes to design though. I had an old box of .30/150 that I've had kicking around for about 15 years which I've mixed in with some newly purchased ones. I'll check them all before loading.

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    Yes Orion same green tip my old box says solid base on it where as new one doesn't and new ones in boxes of 50 although the picture depicting a cut away bullet on each box looks to be the same design ie the solid base but does appear a tad sleeker looking on the new box just hope its not another case of they don't make 'em like they used to.

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