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Thread: digital night vision

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    digital night vision

    thinking of buying night vision for lamp shy fox problem,has anyone used digital night vision or the clip on type that goes on to your existing scope.Urgent advise please

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    I have looked through the Archer system which attaches to the eye piece of your existing scope, pretty good to be honest although you need to keep your magnification down. I think they sell for around 1300.

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    I use the very rare Swarovski hand held monocular NS-B 4-80 and i can see rabbits at 200y although a cloudy night does not let enough pinlight in to activate the unit... great for watching foxes running in without the lamp being on... 4000 imported from Austria is the only drawback!!

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    This is not a critisisum or in anyway having a go at anyone, just an observation. When I started shooting foxes in the mid '80s, I had a lamp made from a car headlight bolted to a peice of dexion and wired to a car battery that I carried on an old pack frame rucksack! Now we are dicussing 4000 night vision kit better than most of the worlds armed forces use! I suppose that it is easy to look back with rose coloured glasses but I never seemed to have any trouble getting foxes (although I did ruin a couple of sets of jackets, trousers and pants by spilling battery acid down my arse!). JC

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    JC.. I too had a tractor light bolted to the roof of an old Mini van and hung out the back door at speed and kept from falling backwards with a seatbelt webbing screwed to the hinges... i suppose you still have single glazing and your life is all black & white?? circa 1971.
    We are so lucky in what is available and the internet allows us to see what is available Worldwide and not just from the hardware shop on the High Street....

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    Every man and his dog (!) lamps foxes nowadays, they're getting more and more difficult (here at least)

    I use an ASpro digital add-on, mostly for rabbits on the .22 but have shot quite a few foxes with it too, the last one at 6 yards, and I had to shout to stop it!

    What did you want to know?


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    Give Al a call at Gloucestershire Gun Company, he will give you the lowdown on Gen 1 Digital night vision for under a grand. I don't know where you're based but we are having a night vision weekend at the range with reactive targets at 100m and Gen 1 digital on some pretty nice rifles for folks to use.

    kind regards
    Paul Hill
    Gloucestershire Rifle Range

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    hi paul
    thanks for your input but i live in central scotland so your idea is a non starter,but i would still like to hear from anyone who owns night vision.

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