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Thread: Aftermarket Styer-Mannlicher stock

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    Aftermarket Styer-Mannlicher stock

    Hi guys.

    I currently own a pro hunter 2 mountain and have done for about the past 3 or 4 years and i love it. I do however wish to fit it with a slightly more aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic stock. Im not saying that the current one is uncomfortable, but its certainly not a looker! I have considererd a new rifle but the current action and barrel are both very reliable and still in great condition. If anyone has any information on this matter or any expireince i would be grateful for your input.

    Regards, Phil.

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    Check out McMillan stocks on the Jackson Rifles website. Pretty expensive.

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    You could try staffordshire synthetics or the laminate chap in Grimsby (put laminate gun stock into google)

    Think they can inlet for any action and then get it bedded in


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    You could try this company aswell BOYDS The World's Foremost Supplier of Hardwood Gunstocks. a mate just took delivery of his stock and all in all it cost just over 100.00 and it's a beauty too.

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    I had a 260 Rem Pro-Hunter which I liked very much. I looked long and hard at stocks. There didn't seem to be a cheap answer on the stock front. The next issue I had was that even if I spent the money and got a good stock, I would still face another expensive challenge if I ever went to rebarrel the 260 to 260 or something similar. So I talked to the Sportsman Gun Centre and they took the 260 Rem back from me and gave me some A-Max in return. At the same time, I got RG Rifles working on the Remington 260 Rem in my gallery. I have made lots of mistakes on my 260 journey, mistake 1 was buying a Ruger instead of a Remington in 1999. Mistake 2 was not getting into reloading for the 260 sooner, mistake 3.... and then there are the mistakes I am yet to make...
    Good luck.
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    Phil, I've been looking at making a stock for the Pro-hunter.
    One problem is that one would need to have a seperately fitted
    bottom unit. Do you know if the bottom metal from the classic rifle
    would fit the Pro hunter action? The classic with the wooden stock has a seperate trigger
    gaurd bottom metal.
    I was also talking to Roedale if he would make an aftermarket bottom metal with
    AI magazines and we make the stock. Not the cheapest solution but it would certainly
    turn the pro-hunter into a PRO-HUNTER...
    The rifle as such isn't bad, just a lousy stock as is. Even one of the development engineers
    from Steyr had to admit that when I spoke to him.


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