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Thread: lucky buck!

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    lucky buck!

    The first buck that i have seen in over a month and it happens to be when im out after foxes and where i cant shoot deer! So i had a play around with my iPhone..

    [IMG] b=1&stc=1[IMG]
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    thats the way the cookie crumbles ha ha

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    Nice pic, isnt that always the way!!!

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    No back drop in any case, typical. Thats what makes stalking infuriatingly addictive.

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    I make that out to be 165 yards - about right? (2 mills from back to brisket)

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    Yeah no backdrop, a dual carriageway about 3/4 mile behind him too.. If memory serves me correctly he was 140 yds away, not a bad estimation! I now have the deer stalking rights on that land after offering the farmer a few deer a year for the freezer! Think that buck will be safe until April (from legitimate, law abiding people anyways!)

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