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Thread: Stalking inside an enclosure? Fish in a barrel?

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    Stalking inside an enclosure? Fish in a barrel?

    I was browsing a website earlier and found an ad offering days stalking fallow deer from about 130 quid including the meat. Reading on I discovered that it was in a fenced area of 100 acres.

    I could have the wrong end of the stick here, but the thought of shooting perhaps half-tame animals inside a fenced area seems rather unsporting to say the least. It sounds a bit like 'Put and Take' but with deer instead of fish. Put and Shoot!

    Any opinions guys?


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    I bet there are plenty of novices will to pay for a go. Canned hunts though are canned hunts.

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    paul is right and its pro and cons have been well spoken about before.
    for me there is no interest but for others thats all they want.
    normally big trophy hunters use this method.
    as long as its done correct fast with no mistakes and without a whole herd sitting there watching then so be it.


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    It's not for me but the deer have to be culled and a rifle is probably the best way. If someone is happy to pay to help out then I have no problem with it as long as they are a competent shot and don't think that it is proper deer stalking.

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    Right time to stick my head out here and get shot at but feel I learnt a very valid lesson yesterday that almost all of us complain about when people try and interfere with our field sports when they have no idea what its really like...

    Basically yesterday I visited a fantastic estate and deer park in England, I know that this is only one park and many are different, however I have to say that it was amazing and nothing like I ever imagined...

    500 acres of some of the most stunning country parkland I have ever witnessed, which I'm sure wouldn't have been kept like it, without the work of their full-time deer manager... Topped, Harrowed, Rolled & Seeded etc throughout the year to create high quality grass which is organic...

    And deer that are not as tame as you may think especially when on foot...

    I COULD see myself shooting something in a park like this, which is something I hadn't thought i would ever have said, whether it be a Trophy or a Cull Animal I believe on foot it would be a challenge, maybe not for the same reasons as a wild animal, but certain aspects are not as simple as you may think... also the scenery would make it a special stalk... As i said it is not the same as wild stalking but in 500 acres on foot it is still not simple...

    My point is whether or not I ever hunt in a park, is for me irrelevant, as before I visited one and actually understood how it worked and what it is actually like I frowned upon them and saw it was something I would never do and disapprove of, however that was wrong of me as I was assuming and making judgements about something i didn't 'know". Now having actually seen how some parks are run, I regret behaving how some people judge our sport and we curse and condemn them for it...

    I think there are many like me that judge when they don't really "know" parks and some horror stories tarnish the reputation of others which are very different but you only hear about the bad ones.

    Just my thoughts, think carefully before you judge if you don't know...


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    Interesting post Alex, good to hear that it's not necessarily how I imagined it to be.

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    Petworth Park, Windsor Park, not exactly 'Fish in a Barrel' is it

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    Petworth Park is magnificent, I lived just 10 minutes from there for most of my life until i was 14 and my father being on the pheasant syndicate there I spent a lot of time in and around the park... I never mentioned this as I don't view it as a commercial deer park... Very private affair...

    The park I believe is towards the 800 acre mark...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tartan_Terrier View Post
    I was browsing a website earlier and found an ad offering days stalking fallow deer from about 130 quid including the meat. Reading on I discovered that it was in a fenced area of 100 acres.
    At that price and acreage was there any limit on number of deer shot??

    Any chance you could pm me the link to the said site

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    one mans water is another mans wine , i have shot deer in parks , forests , woods ,fields and a 500 or 600 acre park is a big place . 100 acres is a fair size depending on cover , would you turn down stalking on a 100 acre farm cos you did not feel it was big enough ?? just my thoughts

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