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Thread: Foxing with WAM disc squealer's

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    Foxing with WAM disc squealer's

    I recently purchased one of these, and I must admit how impressed I am with it. Used it for the first time in vien at the weekend. The initial fox we saw turned and legged it so I thought I would try to call him back, but we never got him as another 2 decided to come and investigate. They were looking right at us in broad daylight and we were still able to call them in.... best 2.00 I have spent in a while

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    Bought one last week to replace my clothes peg and cassette tape, looking forward to trying out now.

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    I found that 'wake me up before you go go' worked better than George's later stuff.
    but seriously, where did you get one from? i could do with a couple of spares but haven't seen them for sale in ages.


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    cant remember the name of my little brass disc with lanyard but its by far the most succesful artificial call i have used,usually use my hand but if fox is interested but not coming in a few gentle squeaks with this often brings them in and this is wild hill foxes,have used it with great success on lowland foxes at my mates in kintyre where there are many more foxes but they are definetly much easier to call than hill foxes,have had limited success with other calls and ive tried plenty!and absolutely no faith in electronic calls

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    Foxpro spitfire...Slightly more expensive but awesome kit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simon t View Post
    . best 2.00 I have spent in a while
    Where did you find one that cheap ?
    I've had mine a good while but even so it was a tenner.
    Now 12.95 Arthur Carter Ltd - Fox Calls


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    I would like a slack handful for 2 a pop would you post the link or details please Simon?

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    I ordered one from Arthur Carter Ltd nearly 3 weeks ago still aint got it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simon t View Post
    It wasn't the brass one but it was from sportmans in exeter, slightly different name
    And sound, I have one, but don't find it as effective as the wam.
    But on the other hand it will survive being sat on, the wam doesn't
    So that was two I bought from e-bay, should have bought them together to save on postage


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