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Thread: Lead in Food

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    Lead in Food

    Dear all,

    For those with an interest in food production, be it professionally or personally, EFSA`s (the European Food Safety Authority) panel on contaminants has published its scientific opinion on possible health risks associated with lead in food.

    The summary and the overall opinion can be found at:



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    Thanks for posting this.

    From what I can see in the summary, this is the most relevant point:

    "The limited available evidence does not indicate a different average dietary exposure or risk for vegetarians from the adult population, consumer groups with higher lead exposure levels include high consumers of game meat (1.98 to 2.44 μg/kg b.w. per day) and high consumers of game offal (0.81 to 1.27 μg/kg b.w. per day). The estimated dietary exposures of these groups are also within, or at the higher end of the range of the respective BMDL intake values."

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