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Thread: A little bit about myself

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    A little bit about myself

    My Interest in stalking and Hunting started in October 1988 while I was Living in Sweden, I was invited to join some of friends who were Hunting Swedish Elk (Moose). After enjoying that day so much I decided to apply for a Swedish Hunting Coarse (Jagareexamen) by March 1989 I had completed my exams both theory and practical tests so all I had to do now was buy myself a Rifle and shotgun.
    August 16th 1989 the start of the Roe Buck Season in Sweden was when I shot my First roe Buck since then I have shot around 150 Roe, Both Male and female with both Rifle, and with Shotgun for the Dog.
    I have also shot 10 Moose, 15 wild boar, Countless Hares, Rabbits, Geese, and Pheasant.
    After attending various tracking courses. I then went on to train my own dog on the Blood and Scent trail; I have also attended dog shows where she won champion and best in class.
    Anyone who hunts either Deer or Moose in Sweden by Law must have access to a tracking Dog, within two hours,
    Itís Natural for me too own my own dogs because I have a huge passion For Hunting, Stalking, Dogs and the outdoor life,
    I was also part of Stalkers Directory to whom the Police called upon to track & recover wounded and Traffic killed deer.
    I was a member of the Local Hunting organisation committee; I was Responsible for organising the Annual wolf count every year for our area. It involved tracking, counting droppings,Collaborating the information from everyone involved and reporting it to a central database.
    From the 1st of October the tradition in Sweden is to Hunt Roe with a Dog using shotguns (max 50mtr distance) the aim is to get yourself in a position where you think the deer might run using the lay of the land, Because the dog barks on the trail of the deer all the time you know where the dog & deer are, this makes it quite exciting.
    About 1991 a friend of mine introduced me to two professional stalkers in Essex to whom I became close personal friends with and still are, since then I have been stalking in Essex at least twice a year, where I have shot Fallow, Red & Muntjac.
    I have also been stalking in the Highlands with a friend of mine who is the Benefactor on a couple of estates helping them with their annual cull of The Stags, Hinds and calves.
    On numerous occasions I have been very fortunate to stalk sika Deer in Dorset.
    This Season (2009-2010) I have been Lucky enough to be part of the RSPB Deer management team In Dorset.
    We had a cull plan of 300 deer Hinds/calf and responsible for the carcass from shot to game dealer
    Iím in the process of doing my DSC 2 so if there is anyone who can help me with this please contact me, not too far from South Wales please

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    welcome to the tropics of south wales

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    WOW thats some history i will be looking for advice off you at some time mate ..........oh welcome


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    Well hope you get the help you are looking for mate. And wow.

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