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Thread: Best Practice for Recreational Stalkers

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    Best Practice for Recreational Stalkers

    Subscribe to Best Practice Guidance at: welcome to BPG
    27, 28, OCTOBER 2010
    (This Event is free of charge, including lunch)
    Best Practice principles for the Recreational Stalker.
    1. Effective Stalking Through Better Planning.

    Importance/benefits of developing a Deer Management Plan (DMP), and links to SDM process

    Information in DMP

    Setting deer management objectives in DMP

    Measuring if deer management objectives are being achieved:
    · Nearest Neighbour Damage Assessment Method (NND) (practical)
    · Understanding the NND results and changing /reacting to them (time/infrastructure)
    · Reporting NND results – who should know?
    · How would deer use this ground? (practical)

    2. Deer Behaviour -- Improving Stalking Efficiency.

    Impact of social/territorial behaviour and food requirements:
    · Time of year
    · Male/Female
    · Selective feeding
    · Soil and food types

    Movement of deer:
    · Creating movement
    · Cull sites
    · Access

    Effect of disturbance/stalking pressure

    3. Meeting Your Responsibilities.

    Welfare and Responsibility - what is required?

    Deer Health:
    · Recognising ill-health
    · Carcass Inspection
    · Notifiable Diseases

    · Culling – shot placement; time to death
    · Bullet/calibre choice
    · Ballistics and signs/follow up
    · Dogs for deer (practical)

    Meat hygiene:
    · Field dressing (practical)
    · Extraction
    · Larder work (practical)
    · What do you do with the venison?


    4. Rifle Shooting – how capable are you? (practical).


    Calibres for woodland stalking

    Care of equipment

    Practical rifle shooting – prone; kneeling/seated; standing

    5. Running an Effective Syndicate

    What does the lease say?
    · Controllers to prevent impact? (crop protection)
    · Authorisations – Lessee and syndicate members?
    · Out of Season
    · Fit & Competent Register

    Importance of time on the ground:
    · Total time on the ground
    · Match time on the ground to behaviour of target species
    · “Collecting land”; stalking effort; hours per deer

    Areas of high public use

    Syndicate Structure
    · Lead member
    o Communication
    o Landowner
    o Members
    o DMG

    DMP objectives:
    · Achievement/Action plan

    Team Work:
    · Individual skills/tasks
    · “Greater Whole”

    Shared Information:
    · Qualifications
    · Accommodation
    · Targeted, up-to-date, minimise disturbance
    · Observations/experiences

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    Is it likely that SNH will be running a similar event in the North East of Scotland as I am sure it will be well attended if planned?


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    FREE LUNCH!!! see you all there!

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    SNH (DCS until 1st Aug) has run 8 such events across Scotland, till now mainly in the Highlands. We decided to go to the Borders specifically to address recreational stalkers who may be part of syndicates and travel up for the weekend or hols to stalk (many from England). Not sure about future of WDBP Demo Events with Government cut backs about to hit!

    So, can't promise specifically in NE, but keep in touch on WDBP web site.



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    Don't forget to register, forms available soon.



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    Does one just turn up? , or should i register with anyone?

    Dry Powder.

    Barry Thom

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    You need to register,forms out soon. Go to BP web site listed and subscribe for Guides is best, then you will get the best value info on deer in Scotland, and be kept up to date with all WDBP happenings. Regards, Mike

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    here paul my thoughts exactly mmmmmm fooood!!! and 2 mins up the road from me yipee
    Quote Originally Posted by paul at barony View Post
    FREE LUNCH!!! see you all there!

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    Don't forget to register by visiting the BP web site, forms available soon.


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    have you got a link to the web site so i can register. it sounds very intresting

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