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Thread: sako 75 .308 moderator ?

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    sako 75 .308 moderator ?

    i'm looking to put a moderator on my sako, the rifle is used for stalking
    any suggestions what moderators are best/ most liked ?

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    My Sako AII .308 has an ASE Northstar on it. Quite a trim rear-bush-free reflex-type specimen in stainless. Not the lightest, perhaps, but robust and functional.

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    The T8 has noise reduction of 32 decibels, which makes it (still) the market leader. I believe the MYM is made of stainless steel to the same pattern as the T8, so if you want the best noise reduction these are your two. They are both reflex and are fitted with a supporting rear bush. In my opinion the T8 (and the MYM probably) is improved by a neoprene sleeve over the top, it muffles the "ting" when you knock it against a branch.

    If you don't want a rear bush marking your blueing then the Northstar is probably the one for you, even though attenuation levels are not as good as the previous two.

    If weight is an issue and you don't want to unbalance your rifle you could do worse than look at the three modular moderators with the same heritage, the Roedale, the Jager and the A-Tec CMM. Of the three the Roedale looks to be the most interesting (university tested etc), with the ability to put in two stainless baffles to eliminate flash damage with little increase in weight.

    It's a nightmare! I went for the T8 because I value my hearing, but would love something lighter.

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    Currently I run an northstar on my 308 it works really well and will last probably longer than I will, it is rather heavy but so far I can cope with that, the a-tec /roedale types seem intresting though!!

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    This one will do nicely-

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    Im using a PEX muzzle can on my 22.250 but would go to 308. Its stainless and around 8 inches long. Yes its quite long but it makes a huge difference, very quiet indeed. I use it late at night near to the farm yards without issue.

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    I use the Ase Utra as recommended by Sako on my sako 85ss Finnlight Works for me

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    personally I dont think you go far wrong with an ASE Jetz compact or northstar. A bit weighty but solid and built to last.

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    Hi there secret,

    I'd go along with Dalua and a few others Ase Utra Northstar. Works great on my 75 s/s. Look after the barrel and especially the muzzle crown, don't store the rifle in the safe with it on.
    I have 3 on Sako 75's and zero is not affected at all in! any way, shape or form and that is on .308, .243 and .223.

    Hope it helps.

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    Another vote for the ASE Northstar here I have one on my 6.5x55 Finnlight, it does add a bit of weight up front but not much more than any other mod would.

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