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    Dear All

    Have just joined site.

    Am reasonably new to deer stalking and have completed my DSC I recently.

    In the market for a 243 (thinking Sako 85 finnlight) but am open to advice.

    Will be moving on DSC II before long and may happy hours of crawling through peat and heather.

    Also thinking about 308 for red deer but one step at a time as I learn my way.

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    Welcome to the forum Fiamor

    The sako 85 is a nice rifle but seems a bit expensive compared to the browning x bolt and tikka t3, ive got an A bolt in 6.5 which upto now i cant fault. Im sure others on this site with much more experience will be able to advise better. its worth doing a search as im sure this will have been discussed before.


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    I have a Sako 85 S/S in .243 and an X bolt S/S in .270. Both rifles are excellent and shot sub 1" groups straight out of the box (after zeroing etc). Build quality on both is excellent. I can find no fault with either rifle.

    Good shooting

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    Thanks for the advice.

    I have settled on an X bolt s/s and perhaps more vitally a Swarovski 2-12 x50 Z6 scope.

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