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Thread: An Early Autumn?

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    An Early Autumn?

    After a very hard and damaging winter here we experienced a very dry and cool spring. The lack of rainfall had the hill streams dry up and the lochans reach high summer levels. Then the first two weeks of June saw torrential rain with some minor flooding then summer settled down to overcast yet warm conditions week on end. While still waiting for the totally blue skies about three weeks ago I noticed an area of bracken showing a slight yellowing. Then the odd self-seeded sapling was seen to be rubbed. Then quite suddenly the Stags all cleaned and coloured apart from the odd spiker and began to break up into pairs or go singly. The Sika Stags who I saw every day in velvet have now disappeared as if by magic and the molinia grass has taken on that strawy dieing look. Flocks of Fieldfares have arrived to strip the megre Rowan Berry harvest and a few geese have landed on the lochans.

    All good signs of true Autumn Then last night I found a huge crop of Hedgehog mushrooms which I usually dont see till October and often fill the rumen of Sika Stags shot then. Thses are excellent to eat but the deer often beat me to them.

    On this mornings dog exercise -joy-the three piercing whistles of a Sika Stag. The first of the year and for me the sure sign that Autumn is here.

    On another matter. Could I take the chance to thank you all who have written and phoned in support when my son Angus was taken into hospital with kidney failure. He is only 9 and it was very worrying. After a week of diaysis he is a lot better but has a long uphill journey ahead of him. You lads who have met him will know what a keen boy he is for all outdoor persuits. Perhaps an illustration-when coming out of an anaesthetic a doctor asked him what he would most like. Thinking he would say an ice-cream the man was surprised with the reply" To go deer stalking and Pike fishing" Thanks again.


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    Hi David,

    Glad to hear the good new about your son. It must have been an extreamly worrying time for all the family, my good wishes to your boy and it brought a smile to my face about his comment when coming round from the surgery, good lad.

    I am off to Dorset this weekend with Wadas, Andy and Terry off the site for a go on the Sika, hopefully the rut will have just begun? It is a magical time when the Sika start to call. Perhaps if you and your son are up to it you could come up to us on at the begining of October when some of the lads of this site will be joining me on my lease in Sutherland. If your son is up to the journey and if you are in agreement we can try for a Sika stag for you on me.

    Drop me a PM if I can help in anyway.

    All the best to you

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    Hi David
    good news about your son, i hope he gets up and about soon. it is frustrating when your not well and you love being out in the countryside enjoying the things we do.wish him a speedy recovery.
    best wishes Andy

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    best wishes o you and your boy.


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    Good news & Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Angus,You are a true countryman already with a reply like that to the doctor,
    All best David and family after such a difficult time.

    Smithy and family

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    I am sorry to hear about your son, that must have been a horrifying time for all the family. Hope he has a speedy recovery and is able to get out for a bit of rut action.

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    david ,

    very sorry to hear of your sons condition , alison and i wish him all the best in his recovery !

    looking forward to seeing you in just under a couple of weeks !

    cheers lee

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    good to here your son is on the mend david i wish you both all the best danny

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    Fingers crossed for the lad, be a big help having youth on his side

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    David, I have young kids myself, so I have an idea what you guys have been through. Glad to hear he is on the mend.

    Autumn has come early here in NI also. My young beech trees have turned gold. The chestnuts are loosing their leaves and the creepers on the house have turned red.

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