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Thread: Help me men, please

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    Help me men, please

    This is for right handed shooters with a master left eye and vice versa. I have seen a thread on a shotgun sight that you attach to the rib and it tricks your brain into not believing your master eye but makes your weak eye dominant. The only trouble is I cannot remember where I saw it. Can anyone help a poor feeble minded old man out please.


    PS I tried to search for it and still could not find it.

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    My Boss is a Shotgun Coach, he discovered that I had a left eye dominance problem, I'm right handed. When shooting Shotgun I wear glasses that have the left eye taped with white tape (looks like surgical tape) that makes seeing the rib impossable when the gun is mounted. The trick is to blur just enough out so you can't see the rib when mounted but you can still see clays/birds coming from the left easily, you only need 5-8mm square of tape.

    I will wear the glasses for about 6 months when shooting clays and then see how I get on without them........

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    We have discussion going on over on the shooting community site about the "easy hit " bead that might help:

    I am going to give one a go soon as I am right handed left eye dominant and shoot shot guns with my left eye closed.


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    Try a stuffed parrot on your shoulder, patch over your eye and a crutch under your arm,............ eye jim lad, then you will shoot straight

    From where you live John you only need a 22.250 and you can take any bird and there's not many good looking ones in Bonar out with a good rest off the garden fence, that includes Greylag on the Kyle

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    The eye dominance thing is something I suffer with, I don't have a dominant eye. I was told about picking up targets with both eyes and then bluring one- sort of half closing it.One of my old instructors sorted me outdoing this & it works when you stick with it.2 blokes I shoot with use easy hit & they swear by them. Try bluring 1st it's cheaper !

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    Jerry, Thanks for that Easyhit was the one I was after.

    Malcolm, that's all well and good but when this is the view of Bonar Bridge from your shooting platform

    You need all the help you can get. Not even a Parrot and a friendly crutch will help here , you drunken bum.


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    I am likewise left eyed / right handed - the best solution is to shoot off your left shoulder. Give it a try - it will feel weard at first, but give yourself a case of cartridges it will start to feel natural.

    I was fortunate in that as a youngster I was taught to shoot left handed, but four years ago I badly dislocated my left wrist and faced with the prospect of only having limited use from my left hand, I immediately started to shoot right handed with both rifles and shotguns. With a rifle I can miss equally well from either shoulder, but with a shotgun never could hit as well from right shoulder.

    Since I have recovered 90% use of my left hand I have gone back to shooting left handed, but being ambidextrous now is very useful at times - particularly shooting out of a drivers side window.

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    you just have to learn to hold the gun properly

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