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Thread: Sika Activity

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    Sika Activity

    Hi All,

    Heard my first triple whistle from a Sika Stag last night. Was up a high seat overlooking some fields and the call came from the wood behind me. Heard a second three whistles later on from even further in the wood so possibly two territorial stags maybe???? Beginings of the warm up to the rut starting here in Dorset.

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    nice to hear fella last time i was down on a course in bovington i saw great numbers of sika and in 1 field alone i would imagine a number of sika ranging from 30 to maybe 70 sika this was in an area between bovington and dorchester dont know if you know it but large numbers there

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    I was down in dorset for the bank holiday photo the sika in dorset and herd a few whistling like the rut was starting but seemed very early to me compaired to the one we go after in scotland.

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    At the weekend I was down at Tyneham at a BBQ and saw loads of Sika and heard the Stags whistle on the hills.

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    Cheers for the replies. the rut definitely hasnt started yet as it is still very early however I think the stags are warming up for the rut. one or two wallows have started to open up and if we get some colder/wetter weather in the next few weeks, that should increase activity a lot. then the rut will start proper.

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    I was out tonight but didn't hear any calling. Saw pleny of Hinds though and a small group of 8 pointers still eating the crops together.
    Where abouts are you lakey?

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    I was out tonight in Dublin, heard around a dozen differnt stags whistling, was suprised to hear that many stags whistling this early.


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    Hi Andy

    Funny that, thought i heard something similar....

    Thanks for a great night mate


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Hi Andy..

    Found this today on HL so maybe the boys are starting to play rough..

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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