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Thread: Hello to all

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    Hello to all

    Good evening i would like to take 5 minutes of you time to introduce myself.
    I am gareth 36 year old male currently serving in germany with H.M Forces and yes i do enjoy it, im currently in thhe process of moving from germany back to the UK which im looking forward to very much.
    Before joing the army i spent many years learning from the age of 10 the art of gamekeeping on a small local estate from there i went onto Chargot estate in on the brendon hills as a YTS gamekeeper dealing with all asects of vermin control rearing partridge day old chicks and pheasants comming into pens at 6 week old poults so have a wide knowledge of both alot of my own personal time has gone into deerstalkingout aswell not always with the rifle just as happy to sit and watch them with a set of binos. errrmmmm any more about me im happily married 5 kids 3 grandkids 2 dog 1 lab 1 terrier cross served in the army now for 12 years 9 left.
    well i think thats me covered any body after any more information please say hi.every 1 at work does
    please call me scotty ev

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    Wow deerman49, what a young Grandad!.

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    cheers for that as if i didnt know that already but trust me i have the grey hair to go with it and the wrinkles 5 kids does that to you lol oh yes and grandkids lol

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    Nice mate,
    Enjoy them all!

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    welcome scotty what regiment you in?

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    im with the biggest infantry unit in the country RIFLES (Swift and Bold)

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    We have some of your lot up with us nr Chepstow in the old apprentice base, welcome if your about give us a call sometime. New to stalking myself hope to get a bit of knowledge from the more expert guys on here. There may be a met in October postponed from last month up at Monmoth you should come if your back in blighty and near there............


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