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Thread: Swazi Tahr Hunting Anorak

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    Swazi Tahr Hunting Anorak

    Fellow Members

    I am considering purchasing the Tahr Hunting Anorak by Swazi - please see link below:

    Does anyone own one? Does anyone have any comments as to their suitability as a stalking jacket?


    Yorkshire Wharfe

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    Good Evening Yorkshire Wharfe, I'm sure the lead singer out of the "Jam" used to wear a similar jacket.

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    Good evening 1995rs

    As a keen stalker, I'm sure Paul Weller would have a Swazi Tahr in his kit bag...after all he did name one of his most famous singles after his love for the sport..."sup up your beer and collect your fags! - you know the rest.

    Yorkshire Wharfe

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    Nice jacket if as the ad's testimonial says you " live in Alaska".
    I think you would sweat like a rapist in a line up wearing that in this country.
    Only my opinion.
    Unless you were going to Brighton on a scooter for the weekend then it would look fine.

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    I have a Swazi thar, its the best jacket i have used for stalking, i use a swazi baselayers with it and its breathes very good in warm weather and keeps you warm in cold weather.

    A lad i stalk with has the wapiti jacket, he swears by it.

    Cant recomend Swazi enough you wont be disapointed with any of their products.


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    Is that not the jacket that Ray Mears wears in his cold weather films ?


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    Ray Mears... now there is an athlete?

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    Hi, I have the Swazi Wapiti which is the coat version of the Tahr. Excellent garment, it is waterproof and light. Only thing I don't like about it are the exposed neoprene cuffs on the sleeves which take a while to dry out.

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    whatss the deal with buying from swazi direct?
    do you get hit with import tax over n above buying price? or is there a " uk dealer"


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    i would bet you would get stung for the import tax, i did a search and spoke to the guy who was the uk importer, and he said the only supplier in the uk is the ray mears omline shop.

    hope this helps steve

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