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Thread: Wentwood forest Wales

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    Lightbulb Wentwood forest Wales

    Hi All
    Does anyone know who the Deer manager is for Wentwood forest?
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    is this by wentwood reservoir

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    Wentwood forms part of the largest block of ancient woodland within Wales which is now planted with conifers, a planted ancient woodland (PAWS). It is found within an area that has a concentration of ancient woodlands that runs between the rivers Usk and Wye. It is over 1000 acres of continuous woodland that has been in the main planted with conifers. The Woodland Trust own 352ha. The remainder is owned / managed by the Forestry Commission Wales / Comisiwn Coedwigaeth Cymru. A small area remains in private ownership. Both the Forestry Commission and Woodland Trust have an open access policy for quiet informal recreation.

    Wentwood is located: 4 miles (7 km) north east of Newport (Coldra Roundabout/ Junct. 24

    In Reply to your question i'm not sure where wentwood Resevoir is,, but i presume so It's in Gwent
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    one of the boys i shoot with is a member of wentwood fishing club ill see him tonight and ask him

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    I think it is owned by the forestry commission

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    Wentwood is just north of caerwent 3 miles outside Chepstow ( Monmouthshire ) best to go on the A48 towards Chepstow theres a left hand turn just after the duel carridgeway, yes there are deer up there but there are a couple of private Pheasant shoots, a freind of mine helps on one near the old Shirenewton golf club . I have been invited out tonite for my first stalk near Trellech ( not far from there ) then some lamping for fox. Hope things goes well will let you know.

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    best of luck watch out for the big cat that resides in trellech lol

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    A large block in the western part of Wentwood Forest was sold a couple of years ago for over 1m and the bit visible from the dual carriageway up to Monmouth has seen some fairly extensive logging since then. I'm not sure what the densities are but there must be some decent fallow numbers in there with maybe the odd roe and muntjac creeping in. Wentwood Reservoir is indeed on the southern edge of the forest and is very good rainbow fishing and has also produced possibly the largest fly caught brown in Wales at something over 17lbs.

    Dekit apart from the Beast of Trellech you might also bump into some boar in that area as they are well down that side of the Wye now and at least as far as Tintern.

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    have a good one tnite dekit

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    mate they dont allow stalking in wentwood anymore before you could lease stalking there but not anymore maybe its because its full of 4x4 now and lads on bikes there day and night

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