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Thread: 308 SAKO 123gr Ammo supply

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    308 SAKO 123gr Ammo supply

    Did quick search and couldnt see posted elsewhere.

    Having run into problems trying to restock this round, ended up contacting Sako direct.

    GMK are due a Sako ammunition shipment at the end of this month - including several thousand of these rounds. However, advised today that Sako is actually out of stock and awaits their next run later in September.

    Any of you waiting on dealers getting these rounds in etc will have to wait for the late October shipment - and hopefully they will have done a catch up.

    I have made my disappointment clear to Sako - particularly as 308 can hardly be considered one of the more esoteric calibres!

    If this is a round you like and/ or are hanging on for it may be beneficial to all of us to contact Sako to query the situation. Their contact details are on the website - though take a bit of digging. E mail I used was Whilst ultimately no rounds in my hand yet, I got a swift and actually intelligent response and it was clear the issue had been flagged and done the tour of real people at the company.

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    Not sure where you are in the country but bushwear has stock of this - i got some last week

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    Thank you for heads up. Will give them a bell.

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    GMK run on an alternative clock and calendar to the rest of the UK. A bit like dogs ages. If they say one month they mean seven, if they say seven months they mean forget it, you'll be too old to shoot before they arrive! JC

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    Stalkers UK have 120 in stock (Hertfordshire)

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    Well, it makes a change from. "they're being held up by customs", or "they're sitting in a container on the docks awaiting clearance". They seem to be the two favourite distributors' excuses at the moment.
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