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Thread: Fac advice.

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    Fac advice.

    Ok chaps,

    Everything is in place to put my first FAC in, cabinet sorted and managed to get a great scope of the classified n here . Just wondering about the FAC i basically want to apply for a 308 plus moderator for my first rifle, probably a tikka t3 stainless. Someone suggested the other day that with the FAC being five years, I should also apply for rifles which i may want to buy over that period like a .22 save paying to change it later. What do ya reckon, what other calibres should I put on the app. and what kind of ammo allowances should i apply for?

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    I got my first FAC about three months ago. I was also advised by shooting mates to put down several calibres. I ended up applying for a .22 rimfire for rabbits and vermin and a 6.5 x 55 for deer. I didn't want to push it but I'd joined a syndicate in Scotland prior to applying so I had 2000 acres to put down on the forms. I knew I could provide adequate justification for the two rifles I'd applied for.

    All went well with the firearms chap. Halfway through the interview he asked if I would be likely to want any other rifles in the next five years. I very sheepishly suggested that I might want a hill rifle in due course so he added a 7mm Rem Mag to my application. I got all three on my ticket.

    I appreciate that every licensing officer is different and I think I was lucky with mine. However, I approached it cautiously and decided that for a first application I would only apply for the rifles I needed and could justify at the time rather than ones I might want in the future.

    I appreciate that others will have different experiences and I'm interested to hear how people have approached their applications for a first license.

    Best of luck with it.


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    andibrains you need a good reason for each calibre applied for so unless you do have a good reason ( calibre required for shooting a certain quarry species ) you won't get the authority. I would certainly suggest applying for a moderator at the time for any calibres applied for.
    As for the ammunition allowances, in this force area that is dependant on what exactly you are doing ( I say this force area as although there are guidelines they are either loosely adhered to by some forces or ignored by others ). On an initial grant here the allowances for a .22rf are 250/200 max no matter whether target or vermin shooting,any calibre for deer the allowance at a grant is 60/40 although this can be increased at grant if homeloading and if for fox it's 120/100 max. If you can show that you need these amounts increased through heavy use ( shown by your purchasing history ) you can have the amounts increased no problem.

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    I think it depends on what you think you'll want to shoot and also what permission you have now? A .22lr is always a great little tool for Bunny bashing and Foxes if you can get close or need to be quiet. For Foxing a .308 is a little big so you could maybe run it past your FEO as to whether your force would allow you to have Fox listed as quarry on such a big rifle? If they will then great, if not then perhaps ask for a .223 or similar sized "fast and small" calibre?

    If all you ever want to shoot is Deer then don't bother wasting your own time by trying to justify other guns. It only costs 26 to add as many slots as you want in the future so it's no big deal really.

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    I have permission on a shoot up in dumfries plenty of roe up there, also was speaking to the FC stalker while up there and there have been signs of red recently. Also loads of rabbits on the ground aswell so was going to apply for the .22. There is foxing available up there and I was going to see if I could get some locally in the lancashire area, give me some shooting opportunities without the 180 mile drive!

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    In my area with my force (they're really easy going) I'd be asking for a .308 or .30-06, a .243 and a .22lr or .17HMR. I think the .243 is a great round for Foxing. The .223 is too but I like to have the ability to shoot a Deer whilst out Foxing if I need to.

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    Dont ask Gwent FEO ! I asked for Deer ( Paid Stalking ) and Fox with a 243 on my Variation but only allowed Fox on tickit untill i can show a reciept for first Stalk. I use a 17 hmr for rabbits grat cal for that, i shoot them up to about 130 yds easily no crawling about to get closer. Im allowed 500rds for the 17 and 100 for the 243.


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    Ask for 400 buy and 500 store for the 22 and 200 buy 300 store for the 308, and hope for an open ticket as its a royal pain in the ar5e if its restricted and you can get plenty of shooting land.

    I'm on my third land inspection on monday.

    Good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    Ask for 400 buy and 500 store for the 22 and 200 buy 300 store for the 308, and hope for an open ticket as its a royal pain in the ar5e if its restricted and you can get plenty of shooting land.
    If they get precious about ammo quantities then just point them in the direction of the Home Office Guidance to Police chapter 13.

    S.21 quite clearly states purchase 500 and possess 750 rounds of .22RF. S 23 & 28 state purchase 200 and possess 250 for fox & deer calibres. (More if you handload and buy expanding bullets).

    I'm on my third land inspection on monday.
    I wonder if they might get the hint about how much public money it's all costing/they're wasting once their budgets start getting squeezed?

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    I have several other land assessment requests to send in the coming weeks
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