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Thread: I shot my first Muntjac today!

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    I shot my first Muntjac today!

    Well chaps. After a pretty poor run of stalks on one of my shoots I've finally had some luck. And I've shot my first Munty. I'm so happy, it's the species I've wanted to shoot most for quite some time but they always seemed to outsmart me!

    I headed out at about 5pm. A bit early but the Roe on this ground really don't seem to work to any real time scales. I've bumped into them at all hours. Anyway, I parked up the truck and headed off down the valley into the wood where I've bumped the most Deer recently. I didn't really stalk this time. Rather just heavy footed it into the wood, found a nice tree to sit under and then led down prone with the bipod as a rest

    I'd been there for perhaps 45 minutes. I'd heard a lot of movement in the wood which is mature Beech and Ash with quite a lot of Holly. What I assume was a Roe jumped the fence behind me but as the wood is so thick I didn't attempt to get out to it for a shot. About five minutes later I spotted movement from right out as far to one side of me as I could see. It was a long way off and travelling at quiet a pace... A Munty!!!

    I flicked off the safety and followed it through the scope. It was running across the front of me about 50 yards out. Now was time to stop it. Pssst........Pssssssst...... OI!... Boom! I fired the shot without thinking. Even now I have no recollection of pulling the trigger which is often the case when I take an exciting shot? It jumped and fell over kicking, looking like it was about to get up and run. It didn't. Perhaps when you've shot hundreds of Deer that fear of a runner wears off a bit? For me though I'm still in the stage that if they don't just fall down dead I'm worried! I waited for a couple of minutes anyway, just watching. It wasn't breathing, it was dead.

    I got up and applied the safety on the rifle. Walked over to it and poked its eye with a stick... Nothing. So, unloaded the rifle and put it down ready for the gralloch.

    It all went fairly well, I didn't end up covered in blood and I didn't cut anything I shouldn't. I did learn one thing though, Hornady 75grn hollowpoints are not Deer bullets! I'd split the stomach slightly but not ruined any of the shoulder which was good. I managed to get it all out fairly cleanly and gave it a really good wipe out with kitchen towel when I got it home. I also cut out all the splattered exit side ribs so I think it will be ok.

    I'm so pleased with myself. The shot placement was pretty spot on and the Deer went down cleanly. Best of all after three years I've got a Munty, which in my opinion is the hardest little Deer to get close to.

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    Well done NJC,great write up

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    Well done Neil. Nice one mate


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    Well done, skinned a buck yesterday - you'll need a sharp knife and plenty of time...but it will be worth it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonraker68 View Post
    Well done, skinned a buck yesterday - you'll need a sharp knife and plenty of time...but it will be worth it!
    Oh really? I'm not liking the sound of that much! Oh well, you can't beat a challenge. I can't wait to get those legs off and in the oven! They look just the right size to not need boning out?

    I'm so pleased with myself. I'll be smiling to myself over this for days now!

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    Of course, the good thing about muntjac is they're small enough so that you have to go stalking quite often if you want your freezer to remain well stocked.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Sounds like it was well worth the wait.
    Makes it all that bit special, Hope you enjoy it, as much as you did stalk it..
    Not shot one myself yet, But it is on my to do list..

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    well done mate 1st of many I hope.
    Anglo deer management and training
    Yet another 7mm 08 user ..................... if Carlsberg made calibers.........................

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    Nice one Neil. Was it a buck or a doe?

    I'll be in touch soon about getting after the rabbits.

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