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    Forces Pensions

    Hope Admin dont mind me posting this here but this is unbelievable.Sgt M. Telford promoted to Sgt to do his job in Afghan on our behaf. Killed doing his duty in Afghan on 3rd November 2009. Treated as a Corporal for his families pension purposes as he had held the rank for less than a year. I'm lost for words. Please have a look & sign If you feel as I do.

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    The rub of this is that because he was an acting Sgt, he held the substansive rank of Cpl. The MOD seem to be sticking to their rule that you have to do a year in rank to get the pension, I belive wrongly. I'm not sure how they stand legaly if it is a final salary pension and he is being paied as a Sgt. There should be no qualifying period, but I don't think anyone has cahllanged this yet. Like Gays in the service and pergnant women, they won't change things untill someone mounts a legal chalange.

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    unfortunately, I dont think he will be entitled to a SNCO pension rights. I am assuming that it will be the same in all the forces that you need to do courses to become substancial. Much will depend on the courses and if they were completed.

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    This is discusting but this is the sad reallity of the Army policies when you are only acting Sgt,But i still signed the petition

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    I couldn't be certain, but I would think that his final pension will be based on his highest paid continuous 12 month period over the last 3 years. That would mean that every day he was a sergeant will go towards increasing his pension.

    For example if a corporal is paid 18000 and a sergeant 24000, and he held the sergeant rank for 6 months. His final pension would be based on a salary of 21000. These figures were only used for easy counting.

    Its a final salary pension not a final rank pension and if it is similar to what I've said above then I don't have a problem with it, but if they are completely refusing to recognise his time spent in the higher pay bracket and rank then they're out of order and I would think they would lose the case if the family take it to court.

    In terms of what rank he is recognised as holding upon his death then surely it would only be fair to recognise the lad as a sergeant. He has obviously worked hard to get the temporary rank, so let his family remember him in the rank he worked so hard to get.

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    Typical. they're happy for you to act above your rank and take the responsibilities, but when pay back time is here it's all by the rules

    Petition signed and passed onto friends etc to sign


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