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    One for Legaleagle

    i think this is one for you. I was just reading a thread on another forum, talking about pistols. Having studied things a little further it would appear that pistols of all types are still legal in Northern Ireland. Last time I looked this was part of Great Britian or UK which ever you prefer. Now I understand that the two irelands are slowly coming together, but this legal position when ours were banned. Does this cause a certian legal quandry perhaps something that could be used to bring them back in this country. I will be interested to hear your take on this. Up untill now I had always assumed that pistols were banned throught out the whole of the UK. Not just England Scotland And Wales. What is even more interesting is the reason why they retained the right to pistols, Mo Mowlem decided that it was not right to hit law abbiding citzens with an unjust law when their was clear indication that the man who commited said offence should never have been issued with a fac in the first place. Police were at fault not law abbiding citzens. Anyway I will be interested to read your thoughts.

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    Hi Alled

    thanks mate .. well I do have a bee in my bonnet about the ban as you know from our chats I used to like my pistols shooting and collecting.
    Still do on occasion, untfortunately not in the country I live in and think was the greatest country in the world once and could be again .. hey ho get of your soapbox Rob..

    You are quite correct Alled, pistols were never banned in NI and interestingly enough I think Mr B will bear me out on this one self defence is a valid reason to possess

    The Isle of Man was also not affected and has some really interesting laws for firearms ownership there, not fully conversant and up to date but at one time full auto weapons could be owned and used I had friend who some years ago kept a "licensed" sten gun on his boat registered from IOM, now Mr B and Swampy don't rush out to live there now it may be a thing of the past.

    I was always amazed at the stupidity and vagueries surrounding this stupid knee jerk legislation a bit like the "Dangerous Dogs Act" generally acccepted by the majority of lawyers as the worst piece of legal drafting ever.
    I should know exactly why NI is different after several years of having constitutional law pushed down my throat, this is shooting off the hip so don't go to mad at me if I am a little rusty.. I think it opperates as a protectorate in the same way as the Channel Islands, (which also has no ban, and massive crime rates... not!)
    for some purposes NI is constitutionally a separate entity, although ruled by the Queen as a part of the UK, it is self governing in certain areas it can decide internal matters, and in other areas it is subserviant to the English Parliament.
    I will have a read up as it's quite complex, but this is an interesting link and fairly recentish may interest some of you..

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    I don't think these guys are morons, I think they are blinkered. I imagine there are some pretty clever people in thier ranks.


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    I agree with you entirely mate just a figure of speech through a red haze, it's amazing how these guys have access to HM Stationary and House of Commons facilities ... weird eh almost as if the powers that be were backing them .. but that would be unconstitutional though wouldn't be allowed to happen would it?

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    I had written a good response to this but my computer decided to be a bit silly, I will in due course put up some more thoughts on this matter up. As usual you responses are very interesting. I would agree that I wish they were morons, but unfortunately just very narrow minded people with to much clout at present.

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    I did come acros a nicely written and reserched essay by an American chap, although not all relevant lots of Dicey and his contemporaries quoted in the constitutional content, so had me hanging my noe over that section.
    It's quite long so not read it all I was going to pm it to you Alled but others may have an interest so will put the link below.

    Look forward to reading your response, I have had little or no time this weekend as my mate who is my partner in crime with the studio in Germany has been over this weekend so been bit hectic.

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