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Thread: Hello From the Scottish Borders!

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    Hello From the Scottish Borders!

    Hi Everyone, I'm Stuart...born and bred from the scottish borders town of Kelso.
    My interests are the usual...hunting, shooting and working my Dogs....consider myself a bit of a student to hunting/shooting...all i do is
    Found this terrific forum whilst searching for a teckal stud.....looking forward to conversing with you, and reading the many excellent topics.

    All the best

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    Hi Stuart welcome to the site,
    Nice part of the world you are in been stalking around there in the past many times with J Gillian and J Jackson,
    look forward to ready you posts, and we are all learning every day regards deer and stalking.


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    Hi Stuart,First of all welcome to this site,secondly Kelso is a lovely part of the country,ive got some very good friends from up there, living in Eccles and swinton area.
    ATB John

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    Wellcome Slaine
    I hope you enjoy this site and find a Teckal stud + A lot more.
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    Hi Slaine, im just up the road from you in Hawick, have you tried Chris gray, Trudvang, for your Teckle stud????? he lives just outside of town....


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