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Thread: niels sondergaard

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    niels sondergaard

    on reading some earlier posts niels sondergaard was a name that kept cropping up in reference to his book 'working with dogs for deer' so i hav now purchased a copy , well worth the money

    every now and again a new book comes out which stands out, this is it not only a good informative read with good illistrations an essential book for training a deer dog for a novice or experiance alike but a future cash in the attic,
    kind regards

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    Hi , where did you get your copy of this book as i am having difficulty sourcing a copy?

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    hi wirehair
    i bought 2 copies from the BDS last week one for my own perusal and the other to sell on at a later date as i think this copy will fetch a premium price in years to come
    from the info i hav been given the BDS and BASC are the only souce that you will get a copy from so get in quick as it seems to be selling fast

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