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Thread: Once fired Remington 308 brass

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    How much pasted and brand name thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheprador1973 View Post
    Having been caught out a couple of times on here and if it were me buying (which it isn't) I'd be asking if they are genuine Rem stamped and if they are military brass with primer crimps. (no offence meant to seller btw...just advice for buyers based upon personal experience).
    Apologies if my post came across as out of order. I’ll rephrase it.

    As I could use some .308 brass at some point, could I ask if it is genuine Remington head stamped and without primer pocket crimps please? A photo on the post would be useful too if possible. Thank you

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    No worries.
    The brass is headstamped RP is isn't military crimped.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Genuine Remington brass still for sale.

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