OK having at last acquired a US patt 1909 rifle sling I needed some suitably sized Q/D swivel loops to hold it to the chosen rifle. So looking around I ordered some off an e-bay shop. Seems 1 1/4" is no longer the in thing. Well when they arrived as soon as I opened the envalope just knew they wwere not wide enough and sure enough the leather sling will not look at going through them. Seems this particular manufacturer measures across the outside of the loop and not as others what sling width it will take .

So a message was sent and a most pleasing reply received promptly. John who was dealing with it said sorry and if it helps I can send some Uncle Mikes instead which he did and yes these do fit the sling. I enquired about sending the others back but his comments were:-

If they're any good to you keep them just please recommend me to others.
As I cannot find fault with his service that I am happy to do. The seller is :-

JJK Guns Ltd of Weymouth in Dorset

I am now treating the new leather sling to make it more supple before fitting it.