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Thread: First Stalk ( High Seat )

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    First Stalk ( High Seat )

    I would like to say a big thank you to Teckel ( Ron ) who invited me to his shoot last night. He put me up on his high seat ( pics on forum ) hopeing to get a Fallow but unfortunatley no signs. We had a walk round with the lamp later on for Mr Fox but only manage to get a single Rabbit . Did see a couple of foxes and a Roe over on a neighbouring farm but the wieley old foxes stayed put even though Jason ( Rons Cousin ) tryed to call them. Great evening/Night but i was tired this morning. Again thanks for the invite Ron..



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    It was a pleasure mate, like i said when every you want to go again just drop me a line.



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    Thanks mate i will........



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    Hi Steve,
    that's very good of Teckel (Ron) to take you out yesterday evening. But he's going to fall out with you if you keep saying you went deer stalking last Night.
    You obviously meant that you went stalking in the evening, and later went out lamping for fox that night. Sorry to be pedantic but someone was bound to point out that it's normally illegal to shoot deer at night.
    Shame you didn't see any deer, but fallow are like that.

    I am intending to post the date of the Monmouth shoot that was postponed tomorrow. Hope you will both be able to make the new date.

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    My mistake i meet Ron about 18:00hrs that eveing, we then done some lamping after it got to dark. I will look out for the new meet times for Monmouth, i am looking forward to it. Hopefully i will have my TIKKA T3 by the time you arrange the new time and date...



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    Steve the date for Monmouth is now set, last Sunday in October. Look forward to seeing you there.

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    Great, not working so dont need to book a holiday. Looking forward to meeting every one. Hopefully will have my own Rifle by then, just waiting for a call off Sportsman down at Newport.


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    is there a range in monmouth now...????????

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    no dull head

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    Yea just come in from the Trellech rd its in the old council site..............

    or pm8x57 he will give you directions............

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