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Thread: moderator question?

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    moderator question?

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me whether placing a .30 cal moderator,(currently on a .270) onto a .243 would make the .243 less accaurate compaired to placing a .25 cal. moderator onto a .243?

    Probably a stupid question but if placing the large moderator on a smaller caliber has no adverse effects then it saves me buying a new one

    Any help is greatly appreciated and many thanks in advance!

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    i have a .30 cal jetz compact on my .243 remey 700, it dont effect mine at all,

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    CZ A quick look at my gallery will show a .30 cal AU-S5 attached to a 260 Rem and a 243. If I ever thread my .308 it will go on that too. I believe that there is a small penalty in terms of less sound reduction, but I can't tell the difference and I can only shoot one rifle at a time. Rgds JCS

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    the only effect will be less sound attenuation.

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    Thanks for all the help! I'm guessing the less sound reduction isn't significant enough to worry about? I have a T4 I could potentially put on a .243 but I assumed that the .30 cal northstar mod I have would do a better job?

    Again many thanks!

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    Mr. Peter Jackson of Jackson rifles will regale you with horror stories on what people have done with their suppressors.......if you can think of it, it's probably been tried. But no, just a little less noise reduction I believe. Don't know however it would stack up in the event of an insurance claim though?

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    Shooting a smaller bullet through a larger hole isn't a problem. So long as the threads match then all you will have is a lesser reduction in the dB level than the manufacturer's "advertised spec."


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