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Thread: Alliant Re-loader 22 for .270

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    Question Alliant Re-loader 22 for .270

    Anyone use the above powder? I'm working up a downloaded load using 130g sierra game king and wondered whether to give it a go?

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    R22 is a great powder for the .270 win and the 130grn sierra GK is a great bullet too. One of those combos where it seems any powder charge seems to group well. Never tried to download it, never seen the point. JC

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    Thanks for that JC, I'll try and find some tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pigglet View Post
    Thanks for that JC, I'll try and find some tomorrow.
    Ah, now, finding R22 could be difficult. If you find some, don't be afraid to buy two or three tubs, I doubt if you will be dissapointed. Only other thing to add is, as an extruded powder, it doesn't flow as well as a ball powder in a powder measure but this is not a major problem. JC

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    Hi ive used R22 for the last three years through my 25-06 which is a 270 necked down and shot an awful lot of deer with it.
    Nosler and speer do a load for R22 both start at 54.0 grs and max load 58.0 grs max load being most accurate.
    i would start at 54 and go from there. NITRO

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    Thanks nitro. The sierra manual states that the max load is the accuracy load, I'll just start low and work up to it and see what happens. I've just started re-loading and not long had my .270 so new to it all.

    JC, I'm currently using H4895 which I assume do to the shape is extruded? I just weigh and trickle up each load so it's not a problem. I think a target master will be aquired soon.

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    Hi Pigglet,

    I'm interested to know how you get on with your loads using RL22. I have exclusively used H4831 for since I started working up loads and am always interested in alternatives or improvements that can be made. Please can you post your thoughts once you've worked your loads?



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    I certainly will however this will only be my second batch of ammo I've loaded and put through the gun so I'm probably not best qualified to give a proper review!
    I think my actual shooting still leaves quite a bit of room for improvement!
    Tim Hannams sell RE 22 so I'm off to get some shortly.

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    Pigglet, if you want to create a reduced 270 load, go for a slightly heavier bullet - I used a 140gr Hornady SPBT for years. My load was 51.5gr of N160, which is very similar to re22. Velocity was around 2750fps and it was very pleasant to shoot without a Mod.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Thanks for that Brian, I intend to try heavier bullets when I've sussed out the 130's.
    Just as well I got delayed setting off, despite Hannams webiste and price list showing RE22 they no longer sell it. I'd of been mighty peed off after driving over an hour to get there and find that out!

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