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Thread: .308 load development DONE!! :-D

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    One of the notes on your first target says "Prvi powder". Have they started importing powder as well as components and factory ammo?
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Sorry about that, had a minor IT faff and managed to upload the pics then the laptop crashed.. The PRVI powder was some loads where i had replaced the match head with a Hornady SST. Ive been developing the loads for this .308 for a while but only recently took the bull by the horns and spent some time working up loads.

    Step 1: Tried seating so that the head touched the lands.. Result.. over 2 MOA groups (not shown in these pics..)
    Step 2: Find the OAL that worked with the PRVI rounds (Heads replaced).. Answer 2.895''
    Step 3: Try reloading once fired brass with Federal primers and H4895 @ 2.895'' with 43gn, 44gn and 45gn. Result: 43gn best (See pics)
    Step 4: Load rounds with 43gn H4895 and vary OAL to fine tune.. Result 2.87'' OAL best
    Step 5: Load rounds at 2.870'' OAL and vary the powder by 0.2gn increments.. Result 42.9gn H4895

    Step 6: bang my head off a brick wall after doing the final group Pic 1, top right group which was 41gn PRVI powder 150gn SST @ 2.895'' OAL..

    For some reason the rifle seems to be grouping a whole heap better in the last few trips to the range.. Im not sure of the exact cause, most probably me.. Although its a fairly new gun so i dont know if its just settling in?! Hmmm.. anyways, today was the first time that i achieved the accuracy i wanted to with the 3 shot group giving 0.037 MOA. Probably the last time i do that for a while!!

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    Fantastic group, well done....i would be interested to know the muzzle velosity, i am no expert but 41gn seems quite a light load to me.

    regards steve

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    Hi Steve, RE the 41gn im not sure exactly what powder it is, i basically pulled 10 rounds, emptied the powder out, divided it by 10 and put it back in with 150gn SSTs. Ive asked for a chrono for my birthday so will be able to tell you that on Monday!

    I wish i could shoot that well all the time!

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