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Thread: Hello, just joined the mad house

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    Hello, just joined the mad house

    Hello all, thanks for letting me join in

    I've been a shotgun user for many years both on local shoots and clay grounds. I fish extensively for salmon, mainly in Scotland.

    One of the estates in Scotland where I regularly take the salmon fishing has some stalking and have always fancied a crack at it so I joined this forum to get some advice and a general feel of the sport.

    I'm seriously considering doing the BASC Pre-DSC1 and then the DSC1 course (been a member of BASC since 1986) and thought this forum to be a good place to get some advice as a newbe.

    Hope you can help, any advice welcome, BTW, I ask a lot of questions

    On the salmon forum we say tightlines, what is the phrase for stalking?



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    Welcome to the best stalking site there is you will get loads of free help on here if you get stuck I am only about 12 mls from you. Sikadog

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    Welcome aboard AdeW. I can't think what the stalking equivalent of tightlines would be. I believe in Germany the customary address is Weidmannsheil which I am led to believe means hail to the hunter. No doubt some of our fellow members who have lived and hunted in Germany will give a fuller and more correct answer later on. That's the good thing about this site the depth of knowledge available to us from our fellow site members.
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    Hi Ade, I'm also a new member of the forum, and a couple of years ago did my DSC1.To be honest I don’t think doing the pre DCS1 course is worth while I found doing a little home work before hand and reading through the manuals that BASC send you before the course is enough. However if you want to take up stalking I would not hesitate in recommending doing the DSC1.All the best Will

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    I would agree with that, pre DSC1 - you can cover most of that by reading some of the old threads on here, books and the course material which you recieve in advance, save the money. The guys I stalk with always give it a ' May you shoot straight and your knife be blooded'.

    8x57 - it literally means huntsman hail, weidmann(huntsman) heil (hail).

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    The pre course does give you a chance of tuition and practice for the shooting test part of the dsc1 though which can help say if you haven't used sticks before,


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    I like the Weidmannsheil bit, just added it as my signature.

    Thanks for the help so far, it's great this forum. Any further advice is welcome

    Cheers all


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